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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

{Organizing Master Closet} Phase 2: Maximize Vertical Space Group Same Items & Coral Together

Organizing is pretty challenging and it gets sidetracked while life goes on.

Over 6 long months ago, I shared the Phase 1 of the master closet organization and emphasize the importance of using uniform hangers, arranging by colors and jersey shirt organizing.

Now, this is the Phase 2 of my master closet organization and this will focus on grouping same items and corralling them together.

First up, are my scarves.

I don't own that much and there was an existing organizer in place - the shower curtain rings, which I shared here.
But this was taking more of our closet's horizontal space than I would like them to.

So I switch up to a scarf holder, that would hold up to 18 scarves, which luckily I have less than that.
And so instead of taking a lot of horizontal space, it is now occupying the vertical space on our closet.
Since I would like to maximize the vertical space of this closet.  I also did this for The Mr.'s neck ties and used a 24-tier tie rack.
His neck ties used to occupy a full drawer and now it is hanging like this, using a very minimal space in our closet.
Next are his baseball hats, which was previously organized over a year ago.

I just put a wrapping paper on the wall using thumbtacks to cover the wall up.

Then spaced the nails accordingly to hold all these baseball hats.

Then I have this.
I've shown it on Phase 1 of Master Closet Organizing that I now hang my pants - jeans or not, with slim velvet hangers.

In terms of my tank tops, they're all tucked in nicely in a drawer.   My tank tops are not placed on top of each other, instead, they are placed side by side.  So that makes it easy to look at one glance.
Purses are placed in lidded bins, which was used to be on shower curtain rings.  
I am not super liking this system, still debating if I should keep it like this or change it to where my purses are displayed.

I don't know...What do you think?

Do you keep your purses on display or keep it hidden?

Hopefully to reveal the organized master closet very soon.

Thanks for always stopping by and until then.
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  1. So many great ideas. I know someone who has a bazillion hats. He could use some cool organization like this for them too!

    1. thanks rosey! it is pretty hard to organize those hats without deforming them, so far he's pretty happy about it♥

  2. There are many ways to go about organizing your closet. Different methods make more sense depending on your space and what you’re storing. No matter which method you choose, these closet storage solutions  definitely helps you to reduce the space usage. Once again great post man! Cheers!


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