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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[Guest Post] Creating a Tranquil Home: Six Ways to Simplify

About the Author: Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in health, wellness and interior design. When she isn’t writing she can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym or playing with her Australian Shepard.
Creating A Tranquil Home: Six Ways to Simplify

Is your home adding stress to your life? For many people, the answer is yes. Clutter can quickly take over a home and frustrate homeowners on a daily basis. Decluttering and streamlining your house can turn a formerly messy room into a calming oasis. Let's look at some easy ways you can organize and simplify your living space.

1. Reclaim Your Seating Area
Paperwork, magazines and pillows can end up leaving homeowners with no place to sit on their sofas. To solve this common problem, try setting up "zones" in your living room. Designate a specific area as a work space or study; another section of the room can be a cozy spot for watching TV or playing video games. Be sure to have decorative baskets or ottomans that double as storage cubes in each of these zones to stash items that typically land on your sofas.

2. Banish the TV from Your Bedroom
If you really want bring a simplified, calming vibe to your bedroom, try getting rid of the TV. Many people find that it's impossible to have a neat, orderly bedroom with a television in it: Wires, DVDs and remote controls end up strewn around the room. In addition, the unnecessary stimulation from the TV makes it difficult to truly unwind. Without the distraction of electronics, it's easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

3. Control Kitchen Clutter
Do you have to rummage through overstuffed drawers to find everyday kitchen utensils? Are your counters so cluttered that there's no room to cook? A few simple storage solutions can clear your counter space while keeping your cooking essentials within easy reach. For example, adjustable inserts can divide drawers and make it easy to find flatware and small utensils. Hanging your pots and pans above a kitchen island is an attractive way to store your cookware, and it also frees up valuable real estate in your cabinets.

4. Maximize Space with Sliding Doors
If a small room feels a bit too cramped, sliding closet doors will take up less space than traditional doors that swing outward. Even a minor change like this can make a tight space look and feel larger. For a cozy, rustic appearance, try using barn door hardware to hang the sliding doors.

5. Purge Your Bathroom
Those half­empty bottles of bath products and drawers full of expired cosmetics take up valuable space in your bathroom and make it hard to find the products you really use. Toss all those bottles you haven't touched in ages, and throw away any makeup that's past its prime. Once you've decluttered your stash, invest in some inexpensive baskets or containers to corral the remaining toiletries.

6.Organize Your Paperwork
There's nothing more aggravating than combing your house for an important document that you just can't find. Organizing your paperwork in a central location can make a big difference in simplifying your home and reducing your stress. Filing cabinets can be found in attractive wood finishes that match your den or home- office decor, and they can provide valuable storage space for other items besides paperwork. Even an old dresser can serve as a makeshift filing cabinet if the drawers are deep enough to hold file folders.

As you can see, just a few small improvements can make a big difference in your home's atmosphere. Your living space shouldn't be cluttered, stressful and overwhelming. Getting rid of some clutter and investing in creative storage solutions can make your home more inviting without breaking your budget. Try at least one of these methods for simplifying your home: The peace and tranquility that comes from an uncluttered home justifies the effort involved.
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