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Thursday, July 24, 2014

[DIY] Kids Travel Tray

Some of you asked about this travel tray that was part of the bag when I posted about Road Trip Entertainment for Kids.

And I am so glad you did because this is totally super duper easy - peasy!
I just bought these two baking pans from the dollar store.
Spray painted these two with soft pink and light blue with a clear coat after that to protect it.

After a couple of hours of drying time, I have this.
But before these trays went to the activity bags, my daughter tested it so she can review it...lol!
And she had good reviews!

So the trays went into the bags and off we went to our road trip.

This tray is really super for me and for my kids!

Since the kids have some magnetic dolls and play dough on their activity bag, this travel tray really came in handy.
What a helpful tray to make some...

Minnie Mouse head playdough
and a

goofy eye glasses playdough
haha super right!?

So when you are going somewhere be it it float, fly or drive, you might want to think of making your kids a travel tray.


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