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Monday, July 28, 2014

5 Tips | How to Survive a 10-Hour Road Trip with Kids

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When I found out that we were going somewhere that is a 10-hour drive from where we're at.

I freaked out.

I thought, how can I really survive that looong drive.

It's not that I'm driving because The Mr. will.

But I could not wrap around my head as to how can...

a 6-year old and a 3-year old - in the same car - sit on their car seats - and do NOTHING.

No, not gonna happen right?

And so The Mr. & I have to have a plan.

So here I am sharing that plan to you and sure it did worked when we went to Panama City Beach, Florida.

Okay here we go.

1 - Wear the kids out on the day before your trip.
Let the kids play and stay active all day before your road trip.  This is to make them tired so that the next day while on the vehicle they will not have as much energy as they usually would have.

Let them ride their bikes, play hopscotch or just play tag.  Running around will surely wear these kids out.

2 - Let the kids stay up late, the night before your trip.
I tell you what, this was not challenging at all because my kids like love to stay up late to play or watch tv.

I allowed them to jump up and down the bed too.  Look at that little monkey, sitting on the headboard getting ready to jump on the bed.
The goal is to deprive them with sleep as much as possible because we need some tired bodies when we hit that road.  We have high-energy level kids and we have to drain that out.

Please don't judge me.  This is the only time that we are doing this.  So that means, it is a special occasion for the kids, lol!

Let them fall asleep by themselves...just like this...
My son fell asleep on a corner, while playing a game on the iphone.  While my daughter did not sleep at all, she was just following me around and helping me with packing little things.

In the meantime, The Mr. needs to go to bed early because he needs all the energy that he can get to drive that 10 hours.

3 - Leave at 1:00 AM.  
Yes AM everybody not PM.

Waking your kids up at 1:00 AM will be no fun but if you do this, they will surely just fall back to sleep - in the vehicle - for at least 5 hours.

Because they were tired the night before and their sleep was interrupted. 
That is they ever did sleep - like my son.
But in my daughter's case, she did not sleep at all.  

This is how the kids look like when we left.
@ 1:23 AM
My son woke up after 2 hours and took off his shirt because he was feeling hot.

And this is how they look like after about 4 hours of driving.
@ 7:21 AM
Now we only got about 5 hours.

4 - Don't let the kids rest on the rest area.
Once these kiddos woke up, we stopped at the next rest area.  

What do I mean by "don't let the kids rest on the rest area"?  

Meaning, we bring them to the bathroom, feed them (minimum sugar or sweets as much as possible) and let them play around.  

As in no sitting for these kids.  So that, when we get back to our vehicle they will not complain about sitting back again.

Important: Keep an eye on your kids at all times.  Rest areas can be very unsafe.

To read more about what kind of entertainment you should consider when you go on a road trip with kids, click here.  

Remember those kids travel trays that I made, they also came in very handy.
The trip was pretty much smooth-sailing all in all.  We only stopped twice, gas and breakfast.

The most important part of this whole road trip was planning.

Executing the plan was easy enough.

And when we finally got to our destination.  What a spectacular view it is!
And the kids?!

Well, they had their energy back in no time!
For more photos of the best vacation by far, click here.

I hope these tips will help you survive a road trip with kids because we did survived!
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Thanks for reading and until then...

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  1. OH my gosh! I miss the beach!!! LOL! My daughter is not really a good traveler. Even just a two hour drive, she screams and yells at me that she wants out of the car seat! Thank goodness for the iPad, that's the only way that she will behave. Ha!

    1. haha thanks to the technology right?! oh my gosh panama city beach is phenom anne!♥


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