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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Bouqs | Amazingly Beautiful Flowers

As a blogger, it makes me so giddy inside to be approached by somebody that represents something that I've seen on tv.

Like The Bouqs.
I am a Shark Tank fan, if you are too, then you will recognize this company.

When they told me that they would love to collaborate with me, I jump into the idea!

This really made me feel that maybe...
"me and my little blog is "cool"


Anyway, I ordered my Hot Lava Bouq right away.  From the volcano collection with "sending love" sentiments.

Why not send love to me right?  After all, in order for you to love others, you must love yourself first.
And here it is in it's all beauty.
I got home one day with this really pretty box on my doorstep.
When I opened it, the flowers were wrapped beautifully and was protected from damage.
I normally would have a tripod, selfie or have my 6-year old son take photos of me but for the first time, my husband played along the role of "official photographer".
One cool thing about this company is that they want your flowers to last longer and so it is important to follow their flower care instruction.
So I did that and to achieve the look that I wanted, I tied the stems with rubber band before putting it onto the vase.
Their promise was to deliver not just good flowers but amazing flowers and I think they gave me more than that!
If you're forgetful, The Bouqs is also perfect for you!

They have a concierge services wherein you can customize to send for important dates and they remind you via email PLUS 25% off with FREE DELIVERY.  Cancellable at any time is what's make this deal even sweeter!

If you want to order now, click here, FREE SHIPPING always.
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

{Organizing Master Closet} Phase 2: Maximize Vertical Space Group Same Items & Coral Together

Organizing is pretty challenging and it gets sidetracked while life goes on.

Over 6 long months ago, I shared the Phase 1 of the master closet organization and emphasize the importance of using uniform hangers, arranging by colors and jersey shirt organizing.

Now, this is the Phase 2 of my master closet organization and this will focus on grouping same items and corralling them together.

First up, are my scarves.

I don't own that much and there was an existing organizer in place - the shower curtain rings, which I shared here.
But this was taking more of our closet's horizontal space than I would like them to.

So I switch up to a scarf holder, that would hold up to 18 scarves, which luckily I have less than that.
And so instead of taking a lot of horizontal space, it is now occupying the vertical space on our closet.
Since I would like to maximize the vertical space of this closet.  I also did this for The Mr.'s neck ties and used a 24-tier tie rack.
His neck ties used to occupy a full drawer and now it is hanging like this, using a very minimal space in our closet.
Next are his baseball hats, which was previously organized over a year ago.

I just put a wrapping paper on the wall using thumbtacks to cover the wall up.

Then spaced the nails accordingly to hold all these baseball hats.

Then I have this.
I've shown it on Phase 1 of Master Closet Organizing that I now hang my pants - jeans or not, with slim velvet hangers.

In terms of my tank tops, they're all tucked in nicely in a drawer.   My tank tops are not placed on top of each other, instead, they are placed side by side.  So that makes it easy to look at one glance.
Purses are placed in lidded bins, which was used to be on shower curtain rings.  
I am not super liking this system, still debating if I should keep it like this or change it to where my purses are displayed.

I don't know...What do you think?

Do you keep your purses on display or keep it hidden?

Hopefully to reveal the organized master closet very soon.

Thanks for always stopping by and until then.
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Monday, July 28, 2014

5 Tips | How to Survive a 10-Hour Road Trip with Kids

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When I found out that we were going somewhere that is a 10-hour drive from where we're at.

I freaked out.

I thought, how can I really survive that looong drive.

It's not that I'm driving because The Mr. will.

But I could not wrap around my head as to how can...

a 6-year old and a 3-year old - in the same car - sit on their car seats - and do NOTHING.

No, not gonna happen right?

And so The Mr. & I have to have a plan.

So here I am sharing that plan to you and sure it did worked when we went to Panama City Beach, Florida.

Okay here we go.

1 - Wear the kids out on the day before your trip.
Let the kids play and stay active all day before your road trip.  This is to make them tired so that the next day while on the vehicle they will not have as much energy as they usually would have.

Let them ride their bikes, play hopscotch or just play tag.  Running around will surely wear these kids out.

2 - Let the kids stay up late, the night before your trip.
I tell you what, this was not challenging at all because my kids like love to stay up late to play or watch tv.

I allowed them to jump up and down the bed too.  Look at that little monkey, sitting on the headboard getting ready to jump on the bed.
The goal is to deprive them with sleep as much as possible because we need some tired bodies when we hit that road.  We have high-energy level kids and we have to drain that out.

Please don't judge me.  This is the only time that we are doing this.  So that means, it is a special occasion for the kids, lol!

Let them fall asleep by themselves...just like this...
My son fell asleep on a corner, while playing a game on the iphone.  While my daughter did not sleep at all, she was just following me around and helping me with packing little things.

In the meantime, The Mr. needs to go to bed early because he needs all the energy that he can get to drive that 10 hours.

3 - Leave at 1:00 AM.  
Yes AM everybody not PM.

Waking your kids up at 1:00 AM will be no fun but if you do this, they will surely just fall back to sleep - in the vehicle - for at least 5 hours.

Because they were tired the night before and their sleep was interrupted. 
That is they ever did sleep - like my son.
But in my daughter's case, she did not sleep at all.  

This is how the kids look like when we left.
@ 1:23 AM
My son woke up after 2 hours and took off his shirt because he was feeling hot.

And this is how they look like after about 4 hours of driving.
@ 7:21 AM
Now we only got about 5 hours.

4 - Don't let the kids rest on the rest area.
Once these kiddos woke up, we stopped at the next rest area.  

What do I mean by "don't let the kids rest on the rest area"?  

Meaning, we bring them to the bathroom, feed them (minimum sugar or sweets as much as possible) and let them play around.  

As in no sitting for these kids.  So that, when we get back to our vehicle they will not complain about sitting back again.

Important: Keep an eye on your kids at all times.  Rest areas can be very unsafe.

To read more about what kind of entertainment you should consider when you go on a road trip with kids, click here.  

Remember those kids travel trays that I made, they also came in very handy.
The trip was pretty much smooth-sailing all in all.  We only stopped twice, gas and breakfast.

The most important part of this whole road trip was planning.

Executing the plan was easy enough.

And when we finally got to our destination.  What a spectacular view it is!
And the kids?!

Well, they had their energy back in no time!
For more photos of the best vacation by far, click here.

I hope these tips will help you survive a road trip with kids because we did survived!
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Thanks for reading and until then...

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

[DIY] Kids Travel Tray

Some of you asked about this travel tray that was part of the bag when I posted about Road Trip Entertainment for Kids.

And I am so glad you did because this is totally super duper easy - peasy!
I just bought these two baking pans from the dollar store.
Spray painted these two with soft pink and light blue with a clear coat after that to protect it.

After a couple of hours of drying time, I have this.
But before these trays went to the activity bags, my daughter tested it so she can review!
And she had good reviews!

So the trays went into the bags and off we went to our road trip.

This tray is really super for me and for my kids!

Since the kids have some magnetic dolls and play dough on their activity bag, this travel tray really came in handy.
What a helpful tray to make some...

Minnie Mouse head playdough
and a

goofy eye glasses playdough
haha super right!?

So when you are going somewhere be it it float, fly or drive, you might want to think of making your kids a travel tray.


Thanks for always stopping by and reading my blog.  

Until then.

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I'm Totally Digging this Wainscoting

I was watching the finale of Brother Vs. Brother last night on my dvr and I'm really digging this intricate wainscoting by Adi of Jonathan's team.
Credit: chris leschinsky / getty images © 2014, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved
I am so in love by this wainscoting surrounding the whole masters bedroom.
Credit: chris leschinsky / getty images © 2014, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved
Makes me want to install this to our masters bedroom.  

I have to really plan this whole intricate details if I really wanted this.

Or I have to be that good to really pull this off.

What do you think?
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

By Far The Best Vacation

I just want to share some a lot of our photos from our recent vacation at Panama City Beach, Florida.

We stayed in a condo right on the beach front and we had this view from our patio for a week.
What a beautiful place.  They have the finest and whitest sand that I've ever seen, although Destin is still my number one. 
The ocean view is breathtaking.  I did not realize that I miss the beach water and the sand this much.
It was super fun and relaxing and the best thing is our son and daughter enjoyed the ocean very much.

We go down to the beach early in the morning when nobody's there.
My son thinks that we can actually live there for the rest of our lives...cute♥

He was born to be on the beach though, look at him boogie boarding.  #borntoboogieboard
Who would have thought that my 3-year old daughter can be brave enough to boogie board too?

She was unstoppable♥ #boogieboardgirl
Oh yeah..
Aaaand - Who would have thought that The Mr. can build the most beautiful and spectacular sand castle. #cutesurprise
My son is cool enough to let us cover him with sand all the way to his neck.
We also enjoyed walking around and just have our photos taken with some interesting architectures.

Like this upside down house, as my daughter calls it.
And then there's this larger than life beach ball.
We also saw a boat in the middle of a busy street of Front Beach Road.
The Mr. and my son went go carting.  It was our son's first go carting and they came in first place!  The Mr. enjoyed the go carting as much as my son did!
We were also proud to have achieved a milestone of not using our credit cards for this vacation at all.  #debtfree #financialfreedom

It really feels great knowing that we don't have anything that needs to be paid when we came back home.  It's also a blessing to be able to have The Mr. and I agree on this path to financial freedom.  #financialpartner

I would definitely go back there again in a blink of an eye.  Totally worth the time and money to stay there.  
Our son said "this is the best summer ever" and our daughter can't stop telling us how much she loves the beach, every time we are in the water she will say "mommy, i really really love the beach".  


By the way, if you missed my post about Road Trip Entertainment for Kids, you should check it out because it was very helpful to our almost 12 hours road trip including stop over for gas and bathroom breaks.  You will thank me later♥

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