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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Closet Swap | Summer Outfit Must Haves

Summer is just around the corner, that's about two weeks from now.

But for me, it feels summer already.  The day, winter is over - summer starts♥, a marketplace to buy and sell discounted gift cards or sell your unused gift cards for cash, contacted me over the weekend and they asked me to join their interactive campaign called, Closet Swap.  They are reaching out for exclusive group of fashion bloggers looking to hear for wardrobe transition into summer attire!  

Really? I am considered a fashion blogger...ahem..

Uhm...I don't know what to think but I feel flattered♥  

Okay, why not?  

So I've scheduled an appointment with my official photographer, my 6-year old son, if he can do the photoshoot with me.  And he said he can accommodate my last minute appointment...

May I remind you that my son chose to make all the photos blurry for best results.

Here we go.

When I think of summer outfit, I always tend to go for

Here's what I would be strutting this summer.
Summer Outfit Love

Summer Outfit Love
Don't you think these photos are just awesome because it was taken so blurry by my official photographer son?:)
Something Laced
I am loving anything that is laced this time.  It make me feel girly & cutesy.
With that sun being up all day and some of the night.  You need to cover those eyes up and I think aviator sunglasses is just giving me that edgy look.
big bag or shoulder bag
And depending on my mood or my outfit, I would go for a very big colorful bag or a really cute colorful shoulder bag.  
maxi skirt
Being a mom with young kids, no matter how I love fashion, I do not compromise the functionality of the outfit.  One of the most comfortable thing that is created in this planet is the - maxi skirt.  I can easily put that on and top it with a regular white shirt or a tank top.
We Love Short Shorts
And I have featured my love on short shorts on Fashion Friday before and yes, it is my number 5 must have.  Yes, shorts are easy and breezy.  
And finally, sandals, I got to have all these.  I like painting my toenails with bright colors and sandals is a perfect thing to show it off!

I usually like to wear accessories, especially, statement necklace & big bold earrings.  But during the summer time, I kind of tone it down because I tend to sweat a lot (who doesn't) and it makes me feel eekky when I'm wearing a necklace or earrings during this time of the year.  Plus it feels heavy.

Although I may not totally not wear it, I would go for long & light chained with cute or interesting pendant.
long chained necklace
As for my ears, I also like to to wear easy & simple and so I go for stud earrings.
stud earrings
How about you?  What are you strutting this summer?
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Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.  All ideas, thoughts and outfit that is brought out to make this post possible are my own.
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  1. I'm loving ALL your picks, Rea! I really like the maxi skirt outfit shown at the top. Great for a beach day. And I love lace in the summer time!!! =0)

    1. me too, i love lace in the summer time kim!

      thanks for stopping by♥ huggies,


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