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Monday, June 16, 2014

Lemonade Stand | Small Business Owners [literally]

Over the weekend, there was a neighborhood sale.  Although we did not do that, we set up a lemonade stand for these small business owners to teach them the responsibility how to earn money.
The night before, I made a lemonade stand banner that I will share the tutorial maybe in the next day or two.

Then we made our lemonade drink, pink lemonade drink, cookies & popcorn in the morning.
We used our swing stand for the kids covered stand. I'd have to be ingenious to put a cover (which will also be on separate post) to it because the cover has long been damaged for being outside all year through.
I have to admit, lemonade stand requires some special skills...


this is not a laughing matter...

these kids mean business...

they have to do a taste test first to ensure quality of the products...
the little marketing manager had to work hard marketing the products...
and finally they had customers...
The Mr. and I were on the side watching them getting their first hard-earned money.  

It's hard to believe that these kids can really do a great job at selling lemonade..very amusing actually...♥

We had to close out the business due to a scheduled ball game.

But overall they did great and earned $7.50 for the morning!  Split it half and off they went to their rooms and placed their hard-earned money to their piggy bank♥

It was fun and we're kind of thinking to make this as a yearly tradition.

One of my friends, her children had a lemonade stand and are donating the proceeds to a charity, what a great idea!

How about you?  Do you ever let your kids sell something?

Have you tried lemonade stand? 

Let us hear it...

Have a good day and thanks for stopping by, until then..
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