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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

[Guest Post] Be Wary on the Web

About the Author: Sam Bowling - As senior infrastructure engineer, Sam maintains many high availability clusters to ensure prompt delivery of web services and resolve issues within clusters as well as resolve issues with clients that are complex and require in-depth knowledge of Linux and services associated with Linux. He also assist with fulfilling preservation requests, internal operations, monitoring, automation and other various aspects of system administration.

Be Wary on the Web
In a world that is increasingly connected through the Internet, it is ever more important for you to be mindful of your online security.  With such noteworthy cyber crime attacks as the Target security breach and Heartbleed, many people are looking to improve safety for themselves and their families.  It might seem daunting, but there are some easy ways for you to protect yourself.  The following common vulnerabilities are easy and important to fix.

Financial Information
Online shopping and banking has become a major part of Internet usage.  Internet predators have found ways to prey upon this, through phishing scams, hacking, and other methods.  A stolen credit card number can lead to years of damage control for your credit line, a frustrating task to say the least.  Only use your credit card number on secure, encrypted sites of trusted sources.  Make sure you understand how the information is handled and stored once entered.  

Copyrights to Usage on Social Media
Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a great way for friends and family to stay connected.  However, people fail to realize that many of these sites state in their privacy policies that anything you post is their property.  If you have a picture, text post, or video that you share privately with your friends and followers, it is not really being shared privately.  At any time, the site can use any of those posts in promotional materials without notifying you.  After all, they already received your consent upon checking the “I Agree” box at sign-up.  And realize that just because you delete something, it doesn’t mean it’s out of the company’s grasp. It is still being hosted on a dedicated server somewhere, more than likely.  That being said, secure dedicated servers are a safer option for companies looking for hosting with an outside company like SingleHop. We offer a wide variety of dedicated server options that range in price, capacity, and location, so that we can customize based on your specific needs.

Privacy in Social Media
Besides being a great way to stay connected, social media can also be a great place to get information on someone.  This can be as innocent as looking someone up that you just met, or as malicious as a criminal using information to orchestrate an attack.  It is easy to find such information as birthdays, current and previous employment, education level, relatives’ names, children’s names, and even when you are away from your house.  Always check your security settings, and be wary of what information you are sharing in your posts.
On the Internet, you are constantly exposed to risk.  However, you can easily reduce this risk.  The guidelines above will help you immensely, but there is always more to learn about protecting yourself online.  For your sake, and for the sake of your family, make Internet security a top priority.

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  1. Rea, this is a great post and especially during the summer! many people carelessly posted exited plans on the vacation and so forth.... I think facebook is most targeting places to get this information. Social media can be tricky!
    Great reminder :)

    1. Thank you Lana, I totally agree with you! Even if we think that only our "friends" see what we post on facebook or any updates on social media that will indicate us not being home, is totally not safe.
      It can be scary, so we need to be wary at all times.

      Hey thanks for stopping by! huggies♥

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