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Friday, May 2, 2014

My 52-Week Money Challenge starts Tomorrow

A few days ago, I shared to you guys about a challenge to myself to save money and my bloggy friend Marty told me about her also committing to saving which she started in January.

One thing that is quite interesting thing that I found from her post was the 52-Week Money Challenge.
I have researched and tried to find where this chart originated from, and it looks like it all started from Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

It became so famous that a lot of people are now using it.  If you want to download the original version, click here. 

Thank you Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union for coming up with this idea and for sharing it to the world.
***disclaimer: Affinity Plus does not know I exist or this blog exists.  I'm just saying thank you to them.***

On my version, I've modified to meet my needs.  I added the actual dates as to when I need to put the amount to be saved on the first column and a column where I can put a check mark to indicate that the savings has been done.

If you want to download my version, you can click here.

My take on this challenge is that it is going to be easy for the first couple of months but after that, man, it is not going to be easy.  But where is the challenge in that if it's going to be easy, right?  

There is always a start to something and if it's going to work for me, great.  If not, (which I'm hoping it will) then fine.

I am starting tomorrow so come and join me in this challenge!
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  1. We started this in the beginning of this year and it is so great!! I plan on doing it every year!

    1. Really Selene, I just save my first dollar last saturday♥ i hope this goes well!
      hey thanks for stopping by, huggies♥

  2. Thanks for the shout out, I have been keeping up with mine so far from the first of the year. I think this is a wonderful plan. Good luck. Your chart look amazing too. Like the added columns.

    1. oh you are welcome marty♥ thanks to you!
      i just save my first dollar over the weekend!! i hope to stick to this challenge!



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