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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

FIVE Common Things NOT TO DO to Avoid Spending Money

1 - Don’t hang out in the Mall
Believe me when I say this.  Going to the mall even with NO INTENTION to shop, most often than not, you’ll end up buying something.   Whether be food, drink, ice cream, shoes on sale, clothes on sale or the most notorious store sales - Victoria Secret, Bath & Body, Build-A-Bear, Old Navy and Gymboree. 

Because these retail stores are strategically placing or marketing their products TO SELL not just for us TO LOOK.  So they will do their very best to tempt the consumers TO BUY not just TO LOOK.
Oh yeah, it is just $10 dollars, why not?  But my question is, WHY?

Okay, let’s put it this way.  If you go to the mall at least every weekend and spend at least $10, you will spend $40 a month or $480 a year.  If you don’t hang out in the mall anymore, you will save $480!

There are alternative places to go instead of going to the mall. 
Go to the park.  Aside from the fact that it is free, you will get that tan that you have been wanting for if you go outdoors instead of indoors.  
It will also be healthier for you and your family because your kids can play on the playground while you or you and your husband or you and your boyfriend or you and your partner can walk, jog, run or bike.

Go to your backyard.  While it is always more fun for the kids to go somewhere else, sometimes staying in your own backyard can be fun too! 
Stay posted as I will be sharing  fun things your kids can do in your own backyard.
Go to the library.  You will be surprised how much liberty you can get just by going to the library.  You will find books, movies and music. 
In our local library, there is an area where my kids can play and there also some little tables set up with puzzles.  Also, there are computers set up for kids and adults to use.   You checking your emails, facebooking, pinteresting, instagramming and more using the library’s computers will save you some electric bill.

2 - Don’t Eat OUT
Eating out or buying to go meals, if not in moderation, can cost you money.  Let’s say in my case, if we eat out at our local buffet restaurant at a rate of $6.95/adult & $3.95/kids, it will cost our total meal to $21.80.  Or if we stop by at McDonalds & get 2 kids meals and 2 combo meals, it will cost us $15.56.
Now the convenience of going out to eat or ordering to go is always there.  But planning your meals at home and staying home to eat will save us money.

3 - Don’t Go to the Dollar Store
I love dollar stores because of its prices, who doesn’t, right?  But going there without a list makes you an easy target.  Sure there just a dollar a piece but 20 things of those is $20.  And when you get home, you will only be putting that bag of knick knacks in a corner, where who knows when you will remember to open it, if you ever do.  Which goes to show that the purchase was unnecessary, and you could save that money.

4 - Don’t Go to the Movie Theatre
Going to the movie theater is a fun thing to do, especially if you have kids, but in our area, it will cost us $26 at $6.50 each.  If you really, really enjoy their popcorn that’s why you go lol! , why not buy a box of microwavable popcorn for about $3 of 22 bags.  Then you save that $23 difference.
You may want to go try the Library, as I’ve mentioned above, it has a wide variety or movies.  In our local library, they have a section of best sellers, where you can borrow fairly new movies but you have to return it within 3 days, not bad.  The best thing is, FREE.
Or go online, you will be surprised with the availability of most movies.
Or go to your local video house, it will cost you much lower than watching it in the movie theatre.

The most important thing to be successful on this part is, BE PATIENT.  Not watching it on the first day of the showing will not make a difference or will not kill you.

5 - Don’t go to the Hair or Nail Salon
Hair.  That’s why I have a long hair and wear flats most of the time.  Really I color my own hair and if you have been hanging out here, you will remember that I did an ombre hair myself and it just works fine.  If my hair is getting too long, which only happens twice a year, then I go to the hair salon to get the trimming that I needed.  But in between that, I kind of trim my hair to give it a layered-look.   It doesn’t matter to me if my hair is not looking fine because I curl it for volume or pony-tail for clean & on the go look.  Keeping your hair long than short is more money-saving because you do not have to go every single month to the hair salon to maintain that short hair.
Nails.  Like my hair, I also do my own nails and as I keep on doing it, the better I get, you can see it here and here.  I’d say, doing nails is not a rocket science, more and more women do it themselves nowadays.   I always go for a quick dry nail polish and usually do my fingernails at night when the kids are already sleeping.  As for my toenails, I do it once a month on Spring and Summer due to flip flop & sandals season.  And then I don’t paint my toenails at all on Fall and Winter.  Why bother?  Nobody’s going to see your feet with the boots and closed shoes season.

It looks like I will be saving $147.80 this month:
                Mall - $40.00
                   Eat Out - $21.80
                   Dollar Store - $20.00
                   Movie Theatre - 26.00
                   Hair Salon - $15.00
                   Nail Salon - $25.00
How about that?! Why don't you try these tips too!♥

Thanks for reading, until then..
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  1. Great tips, I need to put several into practice.

  2. Awesome tips! I am a huge offender of eating out and it's killing my budget. I try not to, but it's so convenient especially after a long day at work. I'm not really in the mood to cook when I'm really tired. Take out is just so much easier. Definitely something I need to work on.

    May from La Vie en May

    1. goodluck to you may!☺

      hey thanks for stopping by, huggies♥


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