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Monday, May 5, 2014

Candle Jar Terrarium

Here's what I did with that candle jar that I cleaned last week - a succulent terrarium.

Now, unlike my two faux succulent planters to help bring in the spring inside my home, now this one is a real succulents.  I've never grown a succulent before and I'm very hopeful to grow this.

Yeah, planting a succulent is not a rocket science.  It is as pretty as one-two-three.

One - Fill
First, filled the jar with sand.
Fill it with soil and even the soil out with a plastic spoon.
Two - Plant
Pick and plant your succulent onto the soil.
Carefully add another layer of sand.
Three - Pretty
But since I wasn't careful enough, that the sand covered my succulents.  I used a small paint brush to brush off the sand from the succulents.
After brushing it off, it looks a lot better.
That is it my friends.  Easy right?

Succulents are supposedly low maintenance because they are desert plants and thrive in hot, dry and plenty of sunshine spot of your home.  Even if you are going to place your succulent in a spot where there's not much sunshine, you may take that succulent out at least once a week.

By the way, I did not buy my succulents, those were just pulled from a succulent planter from my sister-in-law's.  

I am so looking forward to making this thing alive and propagate this in the future.

Thanks for reading this really easy project.  Until then.
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