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Friday, May 30, 2014

[Fashion Friday] One-Piece Swimsuits

One-Piece Swimsuits

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Yes! He is 6!

What a mix of emotional moments for us this week...or at least...for me...

First, he graduated from kindergarten and all I could think was...

"where did the time go"...."

I can still remember his first day of kindergarten.

He did not want to let go of my hand. 

I did not want to let go of his hand.

Then I blinked.

The most important year of learning has come to an end.  We can see that you have learned so many things and you had so much fun on that first year.

And today, you turn 6!

Your dad and I are more than proud of you for growing to be such a mature young boy.

Happy Birthday to you Franz!  

May you be blessed with good health for many years to come.

May you grow to become a fine God-fearing man that we want you to be.

We love you so much!
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

I Don't Have a Green Thumb or so I thought...

I am beyond thrilled that my roses are now blooming.♥♥♥
But I never grew any plants before.  I used to just watch my mother grow it...beautifully...
My job was just to water it when she asks me to.

I was not interested in planting or growing plants or flowers or trees or shrubs before.  
Why?  Because I thought I was way too busy doing!

Not until we have our own house and the idea of creating a beautiful backyard with lots of plants, trees and flowers and adding a curb appeal to our house - now interests me♥

Maybe to make the back look something like this...
Making a side walkway with flagstones like this appeals me too...
Then maybe the front to look like this...
Those are my inspiration.

Meanwhile, our backyard looks like this...
While the frontyard has not changed much from this...
So we planted some some trees in our backyard a couple of weeks ago, with the help of these two cute little helpers.
Having my kids help me out with things like this, makes me feel the joy of being a mother and that special moment that we share when we do this.

I know, making a garden will take time...

And there is more joy for me to do this now that I am older than it used to be when my mother would ask me to help her.  Maybe that's what my mother felt when we used to this.

How about you? Do you love gardening? 

Thanks for stopping by and until then...
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Repainted & Gold-Cornered Dollar Store Frames[featuring failures] - the long version...

Yeah, yeah.  Be prepared because as in the title, this is a long post.☺
Not too long ago, I shared to you one way of reusing those old calendar with beautiful photos where I placed those in gold-cornered frames.  

And those frames were from dollar store.  They were originally 4 pieces but had to let 1 go during the process, you will know why here in a little bit.

The original frames were gold and they look like this.
Gold-cornering frames has been on my to do list for a while now and I have seen all different ways of doing it.  They seem to be all e-a-s-y.

or so I thought...

Let me tell you this.  I've had some failed projects in the past and having some more is not a surprise.  Trying to do it myself always comes with a possibility of failure - more often than not.

But to keep me going, here's my 4 special steps:
           step 1) you get back up
         step 2) learn from it
         step 3) move on 
            step 4) "make it work"

Fail #1 - Use of Black Acrylic Craft Paint
Initially used a black acrylic craft paint onto the frames but it did not turned out as expected.
I don't know what was I thinking...

Fail #2 - Use of Black Cheapo Spray Paint
Then I painted those frames with a black cheapo spray paint.  According to the can, it is a gloss paint but what in the world?!  When it was all dry.  Why are my frames matte-looking and very dull?!
I should have listened to my instincts but I didn't.

Fail #3 - Use of Antique Gold Acrylic Paint
Then I proceed using an antique gold acrylic paint to corner those frames.
Measured then taped.
Then painted.
eeekkkk!! that's not gold! that's yellow!!!  does that look gold to you?, right? uh!

Again, I should have listened to my instincts but I didn't.  I finished all off, hoping that a magic genie would transform it into gold. magic!  they were still yellow...
Okay, I give up!

No, not really...not now...

So I repainted all four of them.  This time, with black glossy spray-paint.

Fail #4 - Use of Gold Spray Paint
It could be too much painting and re-painting on this frames, because after painting and drying, some areas had paint blisters.  I have to throw one of these frames away because of the severity of its damage.
It would have been cheaper if I just tossed all these frames to the trash and start all over again but my determination at that point did not let me do that.

I sanded it all off and repainted it all off with black glossy spray-paint.

Then while doing the Gold Dipped Striped Patio Table (that got featured at Apartment Therapy), I remembered Courtney's way of gold-cornering with the use of painters tape.

So I saved those painters tape that I've removed from the table and used it on these frames.
These frames never looked so good until this.
Now, that is the kind of black that I wanted.
And the kind of gold that I wanted.
I finally love how it turned out.  Really after all that has happened, who would not love this kind of happy ending.

What I learned from this project:
♥ Always trust my instincts.  
♥ Magic Genie just don't exists. lol!
♥ Test your paint first before applying to your actual project.
♥ Don't just give up
♥ Make it work!

If you are reading this part of this post, then you are the most patient person I know.  Plus, you are now my best friend.♥

Thanks for reading and hope you learn something from this.

Until then.
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The SuperBlogger | A Stroll Thru Life

The spotlight is on to Marty of A Stroll Thru Life's Hall Bathroom Makeover for under $100!

You know how much I love budget-friendly projects and what a way to start this spotlight to a budget-friendly bathroom makeover.

One of my favorites of this project is the faucet, what a beauty.  

I really love her diy tray on top of the toilet tank which she also provide a tutorial on her blog.  That tray actually solves the problem on how to make use of that space without sliding anything you put on top of that tank.  Totally genius!

Don't you love an extra storage?  Marty placed an over the door curtain rod which allows more space to hold more towels when guests are around.

You should check out how Marty pull this project off all by staying within her budget by stopping by to her blog and you may want to mention that she is The SuperBlogger.

Here's Marty in her own words:
From a jungle theme, builder basic, to elegant and chic.  Tons of DIY projects and Thrifty finds. 

If you want, you can grab my The SuperBlogger button below for your sidebar.
Thank you Marty♥
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Pssst:  Do you want to be on a spotlight and be The SuperBlogger?  Read the details here or just click on the tab above this page and fill out the information.  
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How to REALLY Clean the Burned-On Stains from your Glass Cooktop

Welcome back to my spring cleaning series my friends!    I hope you have been enjoying this series as well as trying some of my tips and recommendations.  

But if you are new here and want to catch up with the series, click here.

Or you may want to connect with me, via the following social media.
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Today's post is yet another exciting cleaning & "elbow greasing" process.  Yes.  It was not fast and easy my friends!

But I'm sure you're up for something that's a little bit challenging.  

Let's take a look at what my glass cooktop used to be before.  Take note that I always clean this every after cooking.  Even with that, there are still food residue that sticks to the cooktop, stains it and eventually gets burned cooking after cooking.

Resulting to this.
But how do you really clean this?

Wiping alone does not take it all off.  So a deep cleaning like this one that I'm about to show is necessary.

First: Soak
Get the following supplies:
   - an old dish washing sponge (throw this sponge away after use)
   - baking soda
   - dish washing soap
   - vinegar
I did not have an exact measurement to create a pasty solution onto the cooktop.  Just kind of pour the baking soda first, then dish washing and vinegar plus warm water.  

Carefully scrub the pasty solution using the sponge onto the cooktop covering all areas, as in the photo below.
Leave it for 15 minutes.  Watch your favorite show.

Second: Heat
Turn on all the burners for about 3 minutes, while the pasty solution is still on the cooktop, as in the photo below.
This is supposed to soften up that stain before wiping off the cooktop.

Let it cool off.  I used a damp microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe off the pasty solution from the cooktop.  
This kind of cleaning cloth is great for a lot of things, including our glass cooktops.

Third: Scrape
Now, this is the real elbow greasing actually happens.  You need a glass cooktop scraper (that i just borrowed from my sister-in-law because i cannot seem to find mine), which is almost available everywhere.

I used cerama bryte scraper and cleaner on this last process.
Ready. Set. Scrape.
Tip:  Scrape carefully but with a consistent pressure, because you don't want to chip off your glass cooktop.  You only need to scrape off the burned-on stains.

The older the stain, the harder it is to scrape.  Here's another close up shot of the scraping process.
Every after scraping, you might want to run your fingers onto the area and if it feels rough, then it needs to be scraped.  

Keep on doing this whole process, until all areas of the glass cooktop is smooth to the touch.

After doing this the whole afternoon with the help of The Mr.

I wiped it off with the cerama bryte cooktop cleaner and microfiber cleaning cloth to polish.  Then wipe it all off with a paper towel.

And we have that spankin' polished lookin' glass cooktop!
It was definitely a lot of work and I would like to try not to go through the same process again.  

Keeping it Clean
So here are some tips that I think will be helpful:
   • Clean the spills right away
   • Don't allow any kind of splatter to burn
   • Wipe it with a damp cloth with dishwashing soap every after use
There you have it my friends!  Happy Cleaning!

Disclaimer:  I am just showing how I did it, and do not claim in any way to be an expert.  Therefore, it is not my responsibility if this works with you or not.
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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Coral and Turquoise Love

Just want to share this coral and turquoise outfit that I really love.  Bought this dress from TJ Maxx and it is super cute.
A turquoise necklace my sister pink nails...
A dress that flatters a body type like mine.


until then..
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