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Monday, April 21, 2014

slowing it down...

First of all, don't get me wrong, I love blogging.

Blogging for me is an outlet to share all the the fun part and the not so so fun part of doing things I do for our basic builder house to transform it into "our home".

But, I decided to slow down with my blogging not because I don't love blogging anymore but because I love my life outside of blogging more.
Lately, I have been getting this pressure of coming up with a project because I co-hosted a really awesome party called The DIY'ers.  Without projects week after week, I feel that I do not deserve to co-host this party at all.

Sometimes, I feel guilty not having my drafted posts published because I was not able to finish it because...

I was too busy playing bubbles with my kids outside or playing in the sand box with my kids in our backyard or just lounging with my husband in the sofa.

Blogging is becoming of a job and not a hobby anymore...and for me the fun of doing it is getting less and less because of the time pressure element.  

It felt like blogging was a fourth full time job, except that I no longer enjoy it if I don't slow down...

Because all my other jobs, are enjoyable 99 percent of the full time job in accounting...

and my second job as a mom...
and my third job as a wife...
I am losing the whole point why I was blogging to begin with.

Although, I could easily just take the easy way out by just co-hosting the party and not doing any projects at all but I felt that it would not be fair for my host and for all of you that party with me.

So part of me slowing it down is to stop co-hosting the party.  

Okay, I will still party with you guys, it's just that I will no longer co-host or host any parties.

I want to be the boss of my blog and not the other way around. 

Will make projects when I feel like doing it.

Will publish posts whenever I am ready.

Because my kids are growing super fast (or like my daughter would always say "turbo fast") and I cannot let that go without me enjoying the whole journey of it.

I hope you will all stick around to come stop by and read what I have posted here.

And I really appreciate you guys, who authentically come and stop by because you like to do that.

This is it for now, until then...
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  1. Good for you Rea! Lovely photos by the way :)

  2. Oh Rea, I SO know what you mean. Just last week I was beginning to feel so overwhelmed. The kids and I were working on a big order, and I was just about completely offline for three whole days. And I felt guilty for neglecting my blog. Guilty! Blogging shouldn't make you feel guilty. It shouldn't make you feel stressed. So I completely know what you mean. Good for you!

    1. Hi Kim,
      I know that we have planned our Im Loving this linky party once a month and I initially love to do that but Kim gosh, blogging is dragging me somewhere with too much pressure.
      Apart from doing projects, we have to edit and label our photos, then write the post then publish the post.
      Really, I use to love it but my kids seem to be just growing super fast (or as my daughter would say "turbo fast")♥
      And I cannot let that go without me enjoying the whole journey of it. Like you, I feel guilty when I cannot publish my drafted posts because I was not able to finish it because I was too busy enjoying life. Well, guess what?! I decided to choose to enjoy life and you should too Kim.
      Anyway, you should not be worried about deadlines because you are the boss of your blog.

      I hope you will still stop by and stay my friend Kim♥

  3. Nice! I think this is great. You are clearly a wonderful mom, wife and employee (as well as blogger), and I look forward to reading your posts whenever they may pop up. :-)


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