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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Little Wearing Spring

Looking at these photos was kind of emotional for me...

look at how small she was on the Easter photo last year here...

and look how she is so much bigger now...
And don't you think that yellow sundress she's wearing looks so adorbs. 
In case you want to know, I bought that from Walmart.

Rocking those hot pink hello kitty glitter shoes.

That oversized hair piece (which I made long time ago) that my daughter is wearing looks like Kate Middleton's style below.
My daughter is definitely a princess♥

One of my favorite things that she always say lately when she hears me worrying on something.
"don't worry mommy, it's fine"...

When she is upset or mad, it's like looking at myself.  

She's so much like me...

She tries to be a good helper at home too.

One time, I was doing the laundry and she asked:
"mommy, can i help"

Aww..what a good girl to think of helping her mommy.

You, little girl, will forever be my little girl♥
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