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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Apartment Therapy featured My Gold Dipped Striped Table PLUS my thoughts on some of the comments

I don't usually go on my computer on weekends because those are for doing projects.

But last Saturday, I decided to have a lazy day, you know dont-start-working-on-anything-or-dont-finish-any-of-the-projects kind of day.

So I lounge in the sofa and opened my laptop and saw had quite a few page views.  Hmm...

When I looked at the traffic source, it came from Apartment Therapy!

Oh yeah!  I did a happy dance.

Apartment Therapy featured my Gold Dipped Striped Table from a Patio Table on their Before and After segment.
I am flattered♥

But reading through Apartment Therapy's readers comments.


Some are critical.  (a lot really)

Some are hilarious.  One of the comments says:

Sheila P. Oandasan Is that a toenail separator in the grass? LMAO

Gurl! you made me LMAO too! But that is a piece from my kids floor puzzle mats.

Some are nice.  For instance this comment:
Xine Marie I'm honestly surprised at how negative commentators here and on the AT website have been on this table. What the woman did is a great save! Absolutely nothing "terrible" about it.

Okay, I did not made any comments or answer any of the Apartment Therapy's comments but this same lady is definitely on my team!

Really, interesting to read other people's thoughts.  

To those who like it - THANK YOU.

To those who do not like it - IT IS OKAY.

I can please some of the people some of the time

All of the people some of the time

And some of the people all of the time

But I can never please all of the people all of the time.

So I will keep going.

I will still do take real-life photos with toenail separator.

I will still experiment on something I haven't tried before like painting a glass.

I will still do trial and error.

Because I respect all of you guy's comments and we are all entitled to our opinions.

Thanks for reading and until then.

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