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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Challenge to Save Money

Hello there my friends.

Today's post is nothing usual with my regular posts, as the title may have explain.
I have decided to give myself a challenge to save money, this is a perfect timing because I've talked about slowing down on blogging, which means...
less projects = less expenses = more savings

Here are the things that I commit to do from now until as long as I can, hopefully forever.

Save those Coins
The Mr. is pretty bad about leaving coins here and there and I decided that from now on, I will be picking that up and put it on a money saving jar.
At the same time, I will empty out my coin purse every night and put it on the money saving jar.  We'll see how much money this move will save me at the end of the month.

Immediately Delete Shopping Emails/Discard Shopping Mails
You know those emails and mails that you get about BOGO, 50% and cash back promos, do not open it - just delete or toss it in the trash.
This is surely going to be a bit challenging for me because I love browsing those kinds of emails or mails.  But heck I'm gonna try!

Ignore Coupons
This is what I realize, when I look at coupons, I tend to purchase something that I do not even need, only because it has coupons.  So just like the shopping emails and mail, do not open it - just toss it in the trash.

Always Remember that Kids are still Growing
Kid's clothes are the cutest thing in the world!  But they are one of the most expensive as well.  I usually purchase it because it is on sale or it is super cute.  But I decided to commit to keep my kids' clothing to a minimal as much as possible, since they will only wear those clothes for up to 2 years or less.  Do an Inventory before purchasing anything.  

Unplug Unused Appliances
Let's see what money can we save with this, just last night I unplugged at least 10 unused appliances:
    1 tv at guest room
    1 blu-ray player at guest room
    1 table lamp at guest room
    1 tv at lazy room (game room, we call ours lazy room because this is the room where we get lazy and just play games or watch movies)
    1 dvd player at lazy room
    1 wii at lazy room
    1 tv at masters bedroom
    1 table lamp at masters bedroom
    1 scented plug in at main entry way
    1 laptop at the kitchen
And I think I'm going to unplug the washer & dryer since we only do laundry every weekend.

**Update:  4/30/14 - The washer and dryer are now unplugged, will only plug those back upon usage.

Turn Off that AC
Doing this especially on Spring through Summer is pretty doable because the weather is just fine - not too hot, not too cold.
We've had ours turned off already for almost a month and I hope to see a saving on this by the next electric bill.  

You are welcome to join me in this challenge and let save some moolah!

Until then..
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Monday, April 28, 2014

How to Clean a Candle Jar

Okay, the candle jar that I'm showing is probably not as nice as you have in your home but...

Here I am sharing how to clean that candle jar up and make use of it!

Here's my old candle jar, still have the candle in it.
Using a butter knife, carefully remove the candle inside the jar.
(you may want to remember that we don't want a very sharp knife to avoid cracking or scratching the glass, hence the butter knife)
I placed the candle in the ziplock and put it in the freezer so I can use it on my candle warmer later on.

Pour hot water from your faucet to the already empty candle jar. 
Let it sit for about 15-20 minutes while you watch your favorite show.

When I checked the jar after about 10 minutes, I saw that the wax is slowly surfacing above the water, like in the picture below.
When the 15-20 minutes is up, empty the jar out.  Then squeeze some fresh lemon onto the insides of the jar. (lemons have high citric acid concentration which helps clean the greasy wax from the jar)
Then finally, wash the candle jar with dish soap & sponge.  And that's it!

You now have a clean candle jar that can be used for whatever purposes you seem suitable.
I will show you how this already clean candle jar was reused in our home, so I would love for you to come back♥

**update: I reused this as a candle jar terrarium for my indoor succulents.
Although, some of you might not go the hassle of cleaning this candle jar because sure, you can easily get this kind of jar from the dollar store.

But for some that tries to reuse and repurpose like me, you may find this post helpful. 
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Friday, April 25, 2014

[Fashion Friday] It's a Crazy Beautiful World

It's a Crazy Beautiful World

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Little Wearing Spring

Looking at these photos was kind of emotional for me...

look at how small she was on the Easter photo last year here...

and look how she is so much bigger now...
And don't you think that yellow sundress she's wearing looks so adorbs. 
In case you want to know, I bought that from Walmart.

Rocking those hot pink hello kitty glitter shoes.

That oversized hair piece (which I made long time ago) that my daughter is wearing looks like Kate Middleton's style below.
My daughter is definitely a princess♥

One of my favorite things that she always say lately when she hears me worrying on something.
"don't worry mommy, it's fine"...

When she is upset or mad, it's like looking at myself.  

She's so much like me...

She tries to be a good helper at home too.

One time, I was doing the laundry and she asked:
"mommy, can i help"

Aww..what a good girl to think of helping her mommy.

You, little girl, will forever be my little girl♥
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

We Love Short Shorts

One of the things I love about Spring & Summer is the fun of wearing shorts.  And I am a shorts person, yeah a "short person" too, being just 5". (you can see me wear shorts here)

It is very comfortable yet you can always dress it up by wearing the right top, shoes and accessories.

Here are the ones I've been wanting to have.  

Yes. I. Want. All. Of. These.♥
We Love Short Shorts

Do you also love wearing shorts? Which one do you like here?♥
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Be "The SuperBlogger"

I have added a new tab on my blog and it is called

Do you have a project that you just can't stop talking about it?

Do you have a project that you are just so thrilled about it?

Do you have a project that you are so proud of?

Do you have a project that you thought you won't make it but you did?

Do you have a project that you want to inspire others to try it too?


You.  Can. Be. The. SuperBlogger.  

The spotlight is on you!

Just click on the tab above this page and fill out the information.  

There will be a SuperBlogger at least once a month and that could be you♥

Ready. Set. Go.
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Monday, April 21, 2014

slowing it down...

First of all, don't get me wrong, I love blogging.

Blogging for me is an outlet to share all the the fun part and the not so so fun part of doing things I do for our basic builder house to transform it into "our home".

But, I decided to slow down with my blogging not because I don't love blogging anymore but because I love my life outside of blogging more.
Lately, I have been getting this pressure of coming up with a project because I co-hosted a really awesome party called The DIY'ers.  Without projects week after week, I feel that I do not deserve to co-host this party at all.

Sometimes, I feel guilty not having my drafted posts published because I was not able to finish it because...

I was too busy playing bubbles with my kids outside or playing in the sand box with my kids in our backyard or just lounging with my husband in the sofa.

Blogging is becoming of a job and not a hobby anymore...and for me the fun of doing it is getting less and less because of the time pressure element.  

It felt like blogging was a fourth full time job, except that I no longer enjoy it if I don't slow down...

Because all my other jobs, are enjoyable 99 percent of the full time job in accounting...

and my second job as a mom...
and my third job as a wife...
I am losing the whole point why I was blogging to begin with.

Although, I could easily just take the easy way out by just co-hosting the party and not doing any projects at all but I felt that it would not be fair for my host and for all of you that party with me.

So part of me slowing it down is to stop co-hosting the party.  

Okay, I will still party with you guys, it's just that I will no longer co-host or host any parties.

I want to be the boss of my blog and not the other way around. 

Will make projects when I feel like doing it.

Will publish posts whenever I am ready.

Because my kids are growing super fast (or like my daughter would always say "turbo fast") and I cannot let that go without me enjoying the whole journey of it.

I hope you will all stick around to come stop by and read what I have posted here.

And I really appreciate you guys, who authentically come and stop by because you like to do that.

This is it for now, until then...
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Easter 2014

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Mini Home Tour Spring Edition

Hello there my friends! As I am writing this blog, we are 43 degrees outside and we're supposed to have some flurries tomorrow morning, let's hope for that not to happen because HELLO?! It is SPRING♥

Anyway, I would like to let you in to my mini home tour spring edition.

Welcome to my humble home.
I hope you all remember and notice that Gold Dipped Striped table that used to be a patio table.  It looks like "she" looks comfy inside, not acknowledging some (ahem, apartment therapy readers) might think that "she" should be out in the cold.
Right on the other corner, you can see my kids baby photos that are on large canvases that I diy'ed not too long ago, click here, if you want to learn more how that was done.
On the wall by the stairs, we've had this photo gallery that we did before blogging.
Okay I sneaked this photo shoot while my kids are watching cartoons on tv, so here you can see that.
The drop tray that was used to hold some keys by the kitchen came in handy to hold our remote control on top of the end table.
And here's the dining area with the console table that I switcharoo from the main entry.
That clear vase with gold stripes is one of the glammed up quick projects from the past.
On the console table I arranged some of my projects.  

And finally let us not forget The Re-Used Old Calendar Photos.
Most of the things I have in my home are crafted and it makes me happy knowing that what is around my home has mine and the Mr.'s personal touches.

Thank you for touring my simple and humble home.  Until then.
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