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Friday, March 14, 2014

The Ugly Truth

Since when is it okay to decorate your main entry with different kinds of decorations for all different seasons?

Since when is it okay to make your main entry the dumping area for everything that you can't find a place with?

Really, we seldom use this main entry because we always get in from the garage but what makes it okay to do this?
I did not even realize that our main entry looks like this not until we had some guests a couple of days ago and I have to go up by the main entry and let them in by the main!

I have something on my main entry from thanksgiving to valentines.  How fun! insert sarcasm..
Okay, okay, not cool right?

But I hope to get this straightened out as soon as I finish writing this post.  Or maybe not.

I don't know if I ever mention here that I work full-time.  

That means, I have to wake up at 6 to get everything ready.  

Drop off the kids to school and daycare.

Go to work and deal with the most interesting job there is, that deals with numbers.

Get off from work.

Pick up the kids.

Make some dinner.


Clean up and freshen up the kids.

Watch my favorite show.

Who has time to even worry about the main entry?

Or who has time to even be a blogger?

Now, The Mr. is phenomenal about everything.  He does as much.

He gets the lunches ready in the morning.

He preps the toothbrushes for everybody.

He sets the coffeemaker the night before.  (you know how much it really means to me) 

He washes the dishes after dinner.

And so much more.  I love him more for that.

But the whole point of this post is, I am not perfect and nobody is.

So it is okay.

Thanks for reading, until then...
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