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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I've found a place to hang my DIY Photo Canvas

Remember those DIY Photo Canvas with Texture that I've finished a couple of weeks ago?  

I've found a perfect place to hang it.  It is in a little corner between the main entry and the living room.  I decided to kind of set it up like a reading corner for now, it could change.  But for now I like how it looks.

When I finished this project, I knew I had to order a vinyl quote;
"The best things in life aren't things.  

So I ordered mine through Etsy from Vinyl Lettering, the size is 12.5 x 32 which is somewhat perfect for my 16 x 20's canvas.  As soon as the lettering arrived, I immediately got into work.

In terms of deciding how the arrangement would be on the wall, I lay the photo canvas on the floor with the vinyl lettering to give me a visual idea how it would look like before hanging these babies up on the wall.
While all these were on the floor, I decided to go for number 2 or I thought I did.

The funny thing about this is that while I was already hanging the two canvas above, I changed my mind to place the vinyl lettering in middle instead of at the very bottom of all the photo canvas.  
What kind of a woman are you if you don't change your mind just like that, right? lol

I used little itty bitty nails to hang and some command strips to keep it from wiggling.
I love how black the edges of the photo canvas are and how it looks on the wall.  

It. Makes. Me. Smile. Everytime. I. See. It.

The photo canvas are in now in the corner where we can see it...

from upstairs going downstairs..
from our living room, from our dining room and even from our kitchen.  I guess that's how big the photos are or that's how small our home is.
I just love the vinyl lettering with the photo canvas now.  

Thanks for reading, until then.
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  1. Looks great Rea! I made one too and I put it in our living room.

  2. Rea, it turned out great! This is so cute and a constant reminder of all the good things we have in our lives. Thanks for sharing!

    May from La Vie En May

    1. i could not agree with you more May♥

      hey thanks for stopping by here! huggies♥

  3. it's fun and sentimental right anne♥

  4. Super cute!!!! Love the new blog look too dear!


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