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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

[Guest Post] 9 Ways for Having a Heavenly Home

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I am so glad to have a really good piece of guest post today.  It's definitely worth reading and I hope that you will all have a take-away from it because I did.

Here's Kathy of The Yorkshire Linen Co.
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Hi Everyone. I am Kathy Joe and I am really fond of home decor a and interior designing. Today I am so happy to be here! For more of my work, please visit my blog.

9 Ways for Having a Heavenly Home

Each person will have a different idea of what constitutes a heavenly home. However, apart from a home being clean, fresh and tidy, there are certain additional concepts that can apply to every home if you want it to radiate sublime peace and tranquility.
  1. First Impressions Count
  2. Think about the front of your home and how you can make it more attractive and welcoming. Move bins out of sight, get rid of any rubbish and debris, clear out the porch, pull up the weeds, clean the windows and doors, and put a pot , hanging basket, sundial (or something even more original) beside the front door.

  3. De-clutter
  4. It may sound obvious but if you remove all unnecessary clutter from your downstairs rooms, it will make a huge difference. Allocate a room upstairs to dry the washing and banish all the laundry there; no more drying clothes on radiators or hanging around to air.
  5. Smell
  6. Invest in some good plug-in air fresheners so that a blissful smell envelopes you in every room.
  7. Pet hair and Pet Smells
  8. No matter how much of a pet lover you are, you are likely to agree that pet hair and odors are not conducive to a divine home. Consider banning pets from some rooms or from sleeping on the furniture to minimize unsightly hair. Move your pet’s bed to a discreet area or corner of a room. If you do allow your pets on the furniture, let them lie on a blanket so that you can remove it or wash it when you want your home to feel especially sublime.
  9. Freshen up your Ornaments
  10. Take a fresh look at your ornaments and picture frames and decide whether you really need them; are they just making the room untidy and gathering dust? Instead of dated ornaments, consider bowls of fruit or vases of fresh flowers.
  11. Windows
  12. Clean windows, get some tie-back for your curtains, and arrange them to complement the windows. The right curtains can make a room feel lighter, fresher and cleaner. Consider swags, drapes, blinds, voiles and so on, but if you stick with the curtains you have, drape them elegantly around the window in swathes.

  13. Lighting
  14. Use lighting to good effect. Consider dimmer switches, wall lights instead of ceiling lights, spot lights, or lower wattage bulbs for a subtle effect. The right lighting can make a room feel warm, cozy and even romantic.

  15. Bathroom
  16. Have a good clear out and get rid of all those half-used bottles of unwanted shampoo. Store away what you have left in a cupboard or wicker basket, hide spare toilet rolls and cleaning products, clean and freshen up, and then place some candles around the bath for a delectable and inviting look.
  17. Add some Finishing Touches
  18. When your downstairs areas are clean and completely free of clutter, then you can add some opulent finishing touches. Use cushions, throws for the sofas and armchairs (especially if there are parts of the furniture that need to be hidden). In bedrooms put clothes away and de-clutter. Use bed runners and cushions to spice up your bed; consider chandeliers and candles. Create a feeling of luxury and comfort in your home - but don’t overdo it. Remember, less can be more.

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