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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Gold Dipped Striped Table from a Glass Patio Table

Yes, you can paint over your old glass patio table like I did with mine.

It all started one sunny Saturday morning when I finally let my kids loose in the backyard.  While the kids were busy, I noticed this really sad and gloomy patio table.
I know, sad and gloomy right?  So I thought I'd transform it and use it inside!

After wiping this thing with a wet rag to remove the debris and let it dry, I got into painting.

Painting the legs was pretty easy, used a glossy white spray paint with multiple thin layers.

As for the glass top, I used the Americana Decor Chalk Paint in everlasting white or similar to this *affiliate link, left-over from my Organized Charging Station Drawer project.

After painting using a foam roller the glass part of it, let it dry and I got so scared because the texture was cracked!
Hmm...Okay, I thought.  So I added another layer of paint over it and with special attention to the cracked areas.  

Multiple layers were added with about 10-20 minutes of drying time in between, depending on what I was doing.

Then finally had the finish that I wanted, it wasn't smooth but it wasn't cracked.  If you can remember, this same table was used in the corner where I finally hung my DIY Photo Canvas with Texture
I let the paint cure for supposedly a couple of days but then being a working mom that I am, that couple of days became a week.  

But when I finally had the time to tackle the gold-dipping and gold-striping of this table, it was super fun and super easy!

Dusted off the table then start taping it off, I used this Frog Tape *affiliate link to do this.
Remember to press your tape down to the surface with special attention to the corners, edges & curvy surfaces.
Then I also used the same Frog Tape *affiliate link for the gold-dip the legs.
Then spray-painted this baby!  I used a metallic gold spray paint, Krylon Metallic Gold Spray Paint *affiliate.

Sprayed multiple thin layers.
Carefully remove the frog tape while the paint is still wet to get that nice crisp line.  

Oh, stay posted because I have a project coming up using the gold painted frog tape that I saved from this  project.
Then spray-painted with clear acrylic for protective coating.
I. love. it.

I'm glad to go for half-horizontal, half-vertical stripes.  It looks edgy and modern.
And how about those sexy gold dipped legs?
I am especially in love with how the top looks like when your looking down at it.
Then put it back in that corner.
And now for the before and after.
Oh I just love transforming anything bland to fab.

So what do you think? 
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  1. I love this, what a fabulous idea. So pretty. Great tutorial too.

    1. oh thank you so much for your sweet comments marty♥

  2. I really love this idea! So now I'll be looking at patio furniture with a different eye!

  3. That looks REALLY great!! :D Way to update something that was blah to super glam!

    1. oh thank you so much shelly for your sweet words♥

  4. Hi Rea, I love what you did with this patio table. I have a couple exactly the same and you've inspired me to paint them as well. Thank you for linking it up at the DIY Sunday Showcase Party! I've pinned it to our DIY Sunday Showcase Talent Board on Pinterest.
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

    1. thanks for your sweet comment marie♥ i am just glad that i have inspired somebody, especially you! i'd like to see a photo once you've painted your patio tables☺

  5. I Love this!!! And Marie beat me to pinning this one!! Thanks again for sharing on DIY Sunday Showcase!!


    1. oh i am beyond flattered that you love this shelly♥ thank you so much for pinning!


  6. You have turned a very plain table into someting pretty special! I love the gold dipped legs, very fancy and very on trend :)

    1. I am flattered michelle, thank you so much♥

      hey thanks for stopping by, hope to see you back again! huggies♥


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