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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fab Shoe Storage using Unconventional Supplies

I like to be ingenious because it rhymes with the word "genius" lol!  

Really kidding aside, if you have been hanging out here in my blog, you've probably seen some of my ingenious projects like the earring holder using a cooling rack and my underwear organizer using an expanding file.

Now this project is one of those.  

We purchased this rack from walmart long time ago and it used to be in our powder room holding diapers, wipes & toilet paper for use downstairs.  And since this home is a diaper-free home now! wuhoo!! I've decided to remove this rack and gave it a makeover to use as a shoe storage in our master closet.

Here's what it used to look like, it had a nickel finish...uhm not so fab, right?
I spray painted the whole thing to chocolate brown.  Why? Just because.  You can never go wrong with just spray painting anything really.  If in doubt, spray paint out!

Since this is going to be my shoe storage, I had to make sure that the heels will not go through in between holes in the shelves.  So I cut out some foam boards, edged with electrical tape with polka dots (click here for the trick to an almost perfect polka dots) on it using gold sharpie to be the floor of each shelves.
And oh how I love how it looks on the rack.  Without the shoes on it is super fab but I also like how the gold polka dots kind of pop out with shoes on it.
Isn't it amaze-balls already?  But where is the fun in that if I call it a day, right?  

So, I thought of draping a fabric behind the rack to give it a finished look because without it, for me it just looks neeked.

Cut my fabric just enough to drape the back, while I did not do any sewing on this project, I used the

 affiliate link used
to give the edges a finished look.  Then I wrap fabric around the top bar then close it off tightly with a safety pin, while the sides were all adhered using electrical tape.  I hope that makes sense, if not, I hope the photo below makes sense.
When all was done, I was really impressed because it looks like there is a solid back to it and not just fabric.
Although I have mentioned in the past that we don't wear our shoes beyond our laundry room/mudroom but we now decided to store it in our closet.

Placing my shoes was fun because I had to purge some that I don't really need because this shoe rack as you can see does not hold much - uhm..not as much as a regular-average-ordinary girl, because that girl needs a room dedicated for shoes only.
Also added the white undershelf basket to hold the flipflops & some house slippers.  
I would probably paint this white undershelf basket gold or black or maybe keep it white.  I don't know yet.

So glad to have this upcycled project and to have an additional storage in the master closet.  I got to keep myself together to finish up organizing the master closet.  This is just taking me for-ee-vurr.

What do you think?  Would you go for some unconventional thing to reuse it or you would always want to buy something new?

Let's hear it...
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  1. Wow that looks great. I love the polka-dots!

  2. I love the rack! I so need one of these. I like how you can put your boots at the bottom. XOXO

    1. thanks Meredith! now that I have this, it makes me think of giving up one before purchasing a new shoes because I just want this shoe storage with enough shoes ♥ i hope i can keep that mindset..

      glad to see you here! huggies♥

  3. Love it love it ....that looks great I'm gonna make me one lol keep up the great ideas love em ...MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

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