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Thursday, February 13, 2014

[Valentines] My Son's School Valentines Card with a Toy

Last year I did not have an opportunity to personalize my son's Valentine Card, that being said, it was bought from a store.  Although the treats were a little crafty, I wish it was more personal.

Growing up as a child, we did not have that liberty to have a valentines party in grade school.  The only party that I can actually remember that we do in school is Christmas Party.  And so having an opportunity to actually make some personal valentines cards for my son to give out to his classmates, is more than fun for me...kind of emotional...

While I was working on the cards over at cardstore, my favorite is this.
And why not make some for his cousin who's also in kindergarten like him.
Cardstore partnered with me on this project but let me tell you this, the price is totally worth it because when the card arrived in the mail - I am very impressed.
There was an option for me to sign my son's name at the back of it already & that was a plus because it takes him a long while to finish all 24 cards to sign.  The back of the card looks super fun too!
My son's valentine treats last year was simple and cute but this year it is a lot better.

I just bought some spring toys in two colors, red & pink.  No candies or chocolates because I'm pretty sure these kids will be getting more of that on that day than they actually can handle..♥

Punched a hole on the card and attached the spring to the card using a valentines ribbon.
There you have it!  My son now has a very personal valentines cards for his classmates!♥

How about you?  Did you have time to make your own cards for your children? 

To know more about Cardstore and to get more inspiration, visit their blog.  They not only have Valentines Cards, they have cards of all kinds!

**Cardstore gave me a code to purchase free Valentine's Day cards. No compensation was received on this post and all opinions are my own.
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