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Thursday, February 6, 2014

[Valentines] Crepe Paper "LOVE" Door Decor

Home For4 Sweet Home
I hope you're all inspired after reading the 20 Inspiring & Inexpensive Valentine Projects that I posted a couple of days ago, because I am.
Home For4 Sweet Home
And I am super excited to share what I've came up with.
Home For4 Sweet Home
Tasha of Designer Trapped made this really cute XO wreath that I pinned on pinterest was also an inspiration to this project on top of the 20 Inspiring & Inexpensive Valentine Projects.  

My idea came up from the puffiness of the XO Wreath from Designer Trapped, the Button Mosaic from Organized Clutter and I wanted a color-blocking.

As for this project I used the following supplies:
  • crepe paper - pink
  • foam board
  • heart cut-outs
  • hot glue
  • utility knife
  • scissor
  • ribbon
  • L, V, E & heart-shaped cut-out

I started by printing of the L, V, E & heart-shaped cut-out from the computer, cut it out & glued it on the foam board.
Then start adhering the crepe paper on the letters L, V & E.  Kind of scrunching the crepe paper as you go along.  Photos below should explain it more.
And when all three letters are done, they should look like this.
Super love how it looks afterwards!

Then I worked on the heart, gluing the heart cut-outs onto it.  Since I like the mosaic idea, that's what I tried to do here and at the same time color-blocking it.  

Just started at the bottom gluing the heart cut-outs & kind of piling those on top of it each other.  Then stopping & looking at it as I go along to see how to position the hearts.
I love how the piled-up hearts of different sizes look up close.
Home For4 Sweet Home
Then I bordered it with a ribbon to give it a finished look.
Home For4 Sweet Home
I initially wanted it to go horizontal but then I changed my mind and so I cut the foam boards to arrange it vertically.  Adhering these to the ribbon with super glue.

I'm so glad I changed my mind because it looks better vertically.
Home For4 Sweet Home
What do you think?  Do you love it?  I am digging the color-blocked mosaic heart the most!!  Are you too?
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  1. There certainly are a lot of beautiful craft ideas of valentines day, Just lovely!!

  2. Super cute. I don't think I've used crepe paper since elementary school. It's so luscious. :)

    1. me too julie but i really like how it turned out♥

  3. Thanks for visitng my Fabulous Friday Link Party, you blog is one of the most colorful and coolest blog out there

    1. oh thank you for hosting that fabulous party maria!♥
      i am flattered by your compliment...thanks a lot dear♥


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