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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rub 'n Buff'in the Book Plates for Labeling

Hello everyone!  

I bought some metal book plates from staples the other day.  When I got home to start the labeling process of the personalized storage crates that I did for the master closet, I noticed the look of the plates is not suitable enough for my liking.

It looks rustic & unpolished.  

And so I used rub 'n buff to give it a more finished look.  I was pleased with the result, look at the difference it made.
So I went on to the labeling of the personalized storage crates.  Printed off some labels to a white label sheets & inserted it to the book plates.

The adhesive of the book plates are sufficient enough for me, even if the surface was a fabric.  I am pleased with the product.  These storage crates are now looking fancy, I almost forgot how these used to look like.
Just some little things like this makes me feel so happy inside.  The master closet organizing has been doing great so far.  I've done the major parts of organizing, if you missed my post on some practical organizing tips, click here
But if you just don't know where and how to start, read my post here to guide you on that area.  You will be surprised how far you can go by just following along somebody who is also organizing.

My daily reads of organizing inspiration is iheartorganizing - I never miss it.
Then I stalk some awesome bloggers that talks a lot about organizing, like Our Fifth House, Hi Sugarplum, A Thoughtful Place & Organizing Made Fun.
They are my inspiration.

Although, if you come by to my home right now, you will see for yourself that not all of the spaces are organized.  Because see, NOT EVERYBODY in my home is organized or NOT EVEN ME is organized at all times.  

I may get frustrated sometimes, because even if there is a system already in place but, it is not being respected, then it will FAIL.  

At times I ask myself quietly, if organizing or being organized was hard to do?  And my answer is always "YES".  But everyday is an opportunity to organize & be organized.  Organizing is just a lifestyle, some chose it, some just don't.  And I chose it.

How about you?  Does it also work with you to follow along somebody who's also in the same phase and pace like you?

Do you ever get frustrated with something that you put in place but people around you, does not even care to respect it?

Let's hear it.  
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  1. I like the after look too. I didn't even know that could be done!

  2. i didn't either until i tried rosey☺ my first rub 'n buff project!



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