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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Repurpose: Juice Can to Headband Holder

You know how I am a sucker for anything repurpose, reuse, recycle & revamp.
That's why this project is so exciting for me to share to you all.
It all started with this innocent juice can....lol!

* fabric of your choice - I used my husband's old shirt
* spray adhesive
* embellishments - ribbon, lace, sequins, etc
* hot glue

Cut your fabric according to the size of your can with 3-4 inches extra on both ends.  Then adhere the fabric by using the spray adhesive.
I did not worry so much about the top of the can whether it is fully covered or not because I knew that the lace ribbon will cover it.
Doing the ribbon was pretty easy as well, started from the outwards using hot glue then towards the inside.

Then I trimmed it with a pink polka dots ribbon on both ends then a sequin to kind of give it a finished look.
And how I love the look when all my daughter's headbands were put into place.
Love quick, easy, wallet-friendly crafts!!

Thanks for stopping by, until then...
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  1. Good job Rea! It looks pretty! I did one for my daughter too last year but I used an oatmeal can. Easy peasy. Lol!

    1. yeah, i've seen that one too anne♥ that was pretty!

  2. And love seeing the headbands :) Glad you like it. I'll send more hair accessories for your daughter some time.

    1. oh she does anne♥ it's really easy on her hair & head i like that strechband that you use...
      thanks for sending that to us, love it!!

  3. I've got Spring Fever too. Your outfit items are pretty!

    1. i don't know over where you're at rosey, but here it just snowed last night :(


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