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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Last Minute Valentine Shirt for my Son

Hello, hello! I hope you are linking like crazy on this week's The DIY'ers

Today, I am going to share the last minute valentine shirt that my son wore to his class valentines party.
I knew I was gonna make something for him to wear and then time got away with me.  

Here comes Thursday night, still he has nothing to wear for the party.  I thought about covering his Christmas Truck shirt with a huge heart since the shirt is red but I cannot find the perfect fabric to make a heart.

While browsing at my supplies, still hoping to find a good fabric to make a heart out of it, I saw the felt heart scatters that I bought from last year.  I thought purrfect!!  

I knew what I had to do! I will replicate Crafty Journal's Sparkly Heart Button Covers except that mine is not going to be sparkly.  If you can remember, I featured her button covers on my 20 Inspiring & Inexpensive Valentine Projects a couple of weeks ago.  

Super E-A-S-Y!  
The good thing about this project is that is not permanent, once the party was over, the heart button covers can be all removed.♥

My son seems to like it...I guess he probably thinks his mom is cool because I craft for! 
but you think when he's older will he still thinks the same way?...☻
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