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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

[Valentines] DIY Geometric Heart

You know when you see something and tell yourself "aww so nice, i have to do this" moment?  I had that moment when I saw this while browsing in the www.  I just love the idea!

So I did not wait because I knew all the supplies are in hand already.  I'm so glad that I did because it is super cute.
If you click on the link of my inspiration, she'll give you a really good tutorial how to do it.  But since you are here, I'll share a tutorial here too.

I cut five 2" gold squares(10 triangles), four 2" pink squares(8 triangles) & two 2" light pink squares(4 triangles).  The pinks are craft papers that I already have while the gold is a left-over from this project, this project  and this project.  

Cut those squares to make triangles.
Then I arranged the triangles randomly to create the heart shape.  I did this in the playroom while my kids are playing.  Good thing they were not bothering me at all while I was doing this..whew!

You can totally use the color of your preference & arrange the triangles according to your taste.

All that was left was one gold triangle & one pink triangle.
Looked at it and was pleased with the arrangement...then it was time to adhere those triangles onto a white sheet to frame it afterwards.  I used a double-side tape on all the pieces.
I really love how the colors that I picked turned out so pretty. 

This is such a good little project breaking the monotony of my master closet organizing.  That small space still needs a LOT to be done.  I hope to finish that up by second week of February this year, not next year lol!

What do you think?
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