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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

[Upcycled Box] Make-Up Brush Holder

I love boxes.  There is so much potential to it.  **especially the strong & sturdy ones**

This is the best wallet-friendly way of creating your own storage. 
And it even will let you personalize to your own style.

This was originally a christmas box that I did not threw away.
I gave it two coats of white acrylic paint and gave it some black stripes using electrical tape & I got this.
It is not factory perfect but I love how it turned out.  I like that texture the acrylic paint has.  Also you can hardly tell that it was an electrical tape that was used. 

Now my make-up brushes has it's own place♥
What do you think?  Would you give an ordinary box a shot?  Or you just ditch it away?
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I know I promised you yesterday about some little painting that was done because of the better weather but this is not it.  But for sure, you will see it here soon. ☺


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