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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

{Organizing Master Closet} Phase 1: Use Uniform Hangers, Arrange By Color & Roll instead of Fold

Use Uniform Hangers
Oh what a big difference using uniform hangers make to our master closet. 
Okay, I never thought of that before I actually tried it myself.  

I used to get excited when the girl behind the counter asks me if I wanted the hanger?  And I always gladly say "YES!".  

Not knowing the consequences after that.  A mismatched hangers will make your closet look cluttered.
I especially hate the fact that some of these hangers are twistable! uggh!

I invested on the slim-velvet black hangers to replace the ones we have, except for the white plastic ones that I kept.  Bye, bye mismatched hangers, hello uniform hangers!
That not only make it look uncluttered, it also maximizes the use of space.

Arrange by Color
It would be nice to keep it organized but it would be nicer if it is arranged by color.  
Three advantages:
1)it's easier to plan your outfit for the day;
2)it's easy on the eyes;
3)your closet looks prettier.
His basketball jersey used to be stored in a plastic stackable container & now it's hung nicely too.
You'd think I'm Kobe Bryant's wife just by looking how much basketball jersey shirts this man I married has!  
You can totally see the resemblance, right?! lol! jk! ☺ No, kidding aside, The Mr. just like to play basketball as his hobby/exercise & a big Lakers fan too.  Although I may not be married to Kobe himself, I am married to a man who's a big fan of Kobe.  Close enough ♥

I love the fact how the velvet hangers hold this jersey shirts really good - not slipping at all.

Roll Instead of Fold
For items like undershirts & basketball shorts, you might want to consider rolling it inside a drawer or a canvass bin like I did.
On the "hang or not to hang" question from the intro yesterday, I made a decision to hang the following items that used to be folded:
                   • His button down shirts
                   • His long-sleeve shirts
                   • His basketball jersey shirts
                   • His dress pants
                   • His sweat pants
                   • Her blazer,jackets & button down shirts
                   • Her chiffonny tops
                   • Her jeans & slacks

That's it for today guys.  

Okay, have you noticed how something that's anything on the wire shelving is showing underneath, like on the first photo above?  Annoying, right? And since we cannot afford to have custom built-ins, I've come up with a solution for that to make it look better.  Can't wait to share it to you all. 
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**Update: There is already a Phase 2 - Maximize Vertical Space Group Same Items & Coral Together to this organizing process, if you want to see it, click here.


  1. What a good idea to roll the t-shirts and put them in a bin. They take up so much room in the drawers!!

    1. plus those basketball shorts are so hard to fold, they slip away all the far this rolling system is working great for him!



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