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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

{Organizing Master Closet} Introduction & Sneak Peak

Even though I have mentioned here that I am so tired because I was working so hard over the weekend.  I could also say that I am so proud of what I have accomplished so far.  Here's a sneak peak.
organize with uniform hangers
I love organizing.  But honestly, tackling a large space to organize is overwhelming for me.  That is why; I come up with a plan before doing that.

Let me share to you some tips that I learned along the way but first here’s a little description of this closet.
     * It is small.

     * It is a walk-in, kind of rectangular shape.
     * Has wire shelving from the builder & some wood shelving installed by The Mr.
     * It is a shared His & Hers closet.

Unlike maybe most of you have your own closet space, I share mine with The Mr.
It maybe walk-in but it is not large.

To start with organizing this space, here are some tips that you can learn.

Assess the space.
It is part of my 2014 Goals to organize our master’s closet.  The need to do that is obvious enough when you look at the picture before I touched it.  By assessing the space, it helped me imagine how I want the space to eventually look like & figure out the need to re-arrange the existing shelves that The Mr. already has installed.   
Look for inspiration.
I checked my favorite blogs’ master closet first and then look even more on pinterest.
My search tags to get what I was looking include small closet organizing & shared closet organizing.  

The best part about getting inspiration from a blog is that it gives me that 360 degree view of the space.  Unlike from the magazines or the www, or worst pinterest without the site source, you can only see one & the rest of the space are left for you to imagine what it looks like.

Decide on to hang or not to hang.
By assessing your close space & finding inspiration, you will then need to make the biggest decision of your life: “to hang or not to hang”.  It will all come down to the goal of maximizing your closet space.  Once you’ve made that decision, write down the items you need to make that dream closet happen.  Based on that list, start shopping inside your house first then cross out that item along the way.  If there are items on your list that are left uncrossed out, ask yourself if you needed those in the early stage of the organizing process or can it wait later towards the end of the process.

Designate a space.
If you love to draw, then you can draw your closet and write down the items where you want it to be.  Decide if you want that zone to be hers or his side.  For me. I printed my closet photo onto a regular paper & wrote down the items on the paper where I want those to be.

Then start rockin!

If you feel overwhelm during the process, go back to your inspiration.
I just want to give Carmel of Our Fifth House a huge shout out!
Because this girl has the same closet description as mine and you should see how she rock her small closet & make it work for her & her husband!
{our fifth house}
I can’t remember how many times I go back and forth looking at every little detail how she organized her closet.
Okay, she does not know me or probably does not even know I exist, but 
“Carmel, you inspired me♥”

I will be posting this master closet organizing process phase by phase, so come back for more updates!
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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! Can't wait to see what you do with your space! Doesn't it feel so good to get organized?!

    1. Hey Carmel! Thanks for stopping by!
      You cannot imagine how many times I go back and fourth on your master closet looking at every little detail, most especially when I get overwhelmed & get frustrated during the process. I'm probably the reason why your pageviews are up now! lol! jk!



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