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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Organizing Christmas Ornaments for Storage

I'm sure most of you are moving on after Christmas but I always wait after the New Year to come before taking down my Christmas Decorations.  

I enjoyed putting up all the Holiday decorations & taking it down every time is equally as enjoyable for me. 

Let's admit it, Christmas decorations can be expensive if you keep on buying everytime.  So I like taking my time to take down all my decorations so that it is kept nice & organized for use in future Christmases.  

Today I will be sharing how my ornaments are organized for storage until the next joyful Christmas.
For my glittery ornaments, I used a regular box & placed a divider made of cardboard that's wrapped with a shelf liner, a leftover from the powder room project.  
Since these are not shiny ones, I am not so worried about these ornaments rubbing against each other so the divider was just simply to keep them in place.

For the shiny ornaments, they were all wrapped in a tissue to protect them from rubbing each other.
Or you can also put a divider that can accommodate one ornament each slot, like I did last year.
You can also mix glittery ornaments & shiny ones in one box, like this one below.  As long as you wrap the shiny ones with tissue to protect from scratches, it should be okay.
The rest were placed in their original packaging.
Ribbons are rolled up inside ziplock, you can also use ziplock for smaller ornaments.
Here a cardboard was used to hold my icicle garland together.  Begin by taping the other end at the bottom of the cardboard & wrap the rest around towards the top of the carboard, then tape the end of the garland to the cardboard.
All the boxes that I used are recycled, two of these are doll boxes, they are so sturdy that I saved it to store some of my ornaments.
Labeled the boxes.
Placed it all in a large clear bin.  Now ready to be put away with the Christmas tree & the wreath in its original packagin, until the next Christmas season!
And that's it my friends, I am now ready to move on to 2014♥  Bring it on!
If you have apple containers or egg containers that were stashed away, you can also use it to store your ornaments, like these two that I found on pinterest.
Christmas Ornament Storage using Apple containers
Organizing Christmas Ornaments
  Isn't it a genius idea to hot glue cups on the cardboard to create slots for the ornaments, like these two?
AFTER PHOTO: Christmas ornament organization. Cut cardboard to fit a clear container.  Hot glued plastic disposable cups to cardboard.
Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments Storage Box for a FRACTION of the cost of store-bought ones.
For more christmas ornaments organizing ideas, go to my pinterest board Christmas Inspiration.
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  1. Gluing the cups is a great idea. I always take great care w/mine when putting them away, and this year my DIL was here and helped and she did a great job wrapping them well too!! I like your ideas here!!

    1. oh you lucky with your DIL to help you out Rosey, as long as it is organized nicely whether by you or by somebody else - it's always good for the ornaments & for our wallet☺

      thanks for stopping by Rosey, huggies♥

      ps: how's that stack of news? lol!

  2. You are super organized, Rea Rea! I am so bad about throwing all my ornaments in a tub and keeping my fingers crossed that they stay in one piece. {I know, I'm bad.} On a side note, do you know that I saved all my wrapping paper tubes and placed them in my boots so they'd stand up straight? Where did I ever learn that tip? Pretty sure it was from YOUR blog, girl!! See? You really are an inspiration. XOXO

    1. oh my gosh meredith! you got me all so giddy inside when you told me you tried that boot insert from wrapping paper tubes! i'm pretty sure that was a year old post and i am so lucky to have somebody like you that keeps on coming back and reading my posts until now☺ you're one of the reasons that keeps me going!
      on the ornaments organizing, i will keep my fingers crossed too that your ornaments will stay in one piece, lol!

      huggies♥ thanks for always stopping by!


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