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Friday, January 3, 2014

I Won a Blue Nile Necklace plus Little Miss Athena

Anne of The Pink Momma hosted a Blue Nile Necklace giveaway last month in which I joined.  Last week she informed me that I am the winner of the raffle.

And today, I received the package!  Look at what I got.
Oh my, it is beautiful....simple yet elegant sterling silver branch necklace from Blue Nile.  I LOVE IT.

But have I told you that Anne is awesome? No? Yes, she is awesome!  

She not only shipped the Blue Nile necklace that I won, she also sent some Little Miss Athena hair clips & headbands from her personal etsy store for my little girl!  How sweet.
And my oh my, we did not waste our time for my daughter to try each of those & have fun with taking some photos.  
Isn't her headbands super adorbs!

I don't know where she learned to pose like a supermodel! lol!
Anne hoped we like it.  I'm sure the photos show the proof how much we not just like it but love it!

Thank you Anne for hosting the Blue Nile giveaway and for sending us some of your beautiful Little Miss Athena creations!  

You are the BEST!
psst! if you want to purchase some of Anne's beautiful creations, go to her etsy store called Little Miss Athena.


  1. Yay! I'm glad you like it! Look at her pose, she's a natural model. Lol! Sooo kikay! LOVE her! If we only are neighbor she and Athena will have fun together :)

    1. Yes she loved it!! I was surprised that you sent some Little Miss Athena creations♥
      You can grab those photos & show off somewhere you market your creations, that's fine with me.
      If we're only neighbors, our daughters can have fun playing together or modeling together lol!!

      Are you in the Philippines already?
      ps: I'm wearing my blue nile necklace at work today♥ super like it!!

  2. So pretty. I am so happy that you won!

    1. thanks amy, i like the necklace & my daughter loves her hair clippies & headbands...this is my first online winning :)


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