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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello 2014 Home For4 Sweet Home Goals

Happy New Year to you all my dear friends. It's officially day 2 of the Year of the Horse!! Yee Hah!!
Looks like, the horse is going to be kicking off a lot of exciting things over here.... I can feel it...♥

Why don't we start this year with Home For4 Sweet Home's Goals for 2014.

{1} Organize Laundry Room
It has been almost two years since we move to our home now and one of the things that I have been wanting to organize and make it more functional is the laundry room.  This room is one of the most used area in the house & it would be nice to come in here with this space looking pretty & organized.  
Our plan is to make this a laundry / mudroom combo.

{2} Organize Master Closet
Of course when we purchased our home, I was so happy to have walk-in closet.  Looking at it empty was large but when we started putting our (The Mr. & Mine)  unorganized clothes in without adding more storage space, the space looks really small.

{3} Kid's Shared Bedroom - Decorate & Make the Room Functional
Okay, my kids don't want to move out from our bed - and they're 5 & 3!  I know, they need to be in their rooms.  But since they don't even want to move out from our bed.  The Mr. and I are trying to let them move in to one of the rooms to be their shared bedroom for now.  And this is going to be the room that we will try to define their own spaces.  

{4} Create a Craft/Office Area
Poor me...I don't have a craft/office area where I can work on anything.  I mean, my craft materials are stored in a bin but they're kind of all over the place.  I have some materials in the laundry room, in the masters bedroom, in the hallway closet and God knows where.  This is me trying to be organized...I just need a designated space that I can call my craft/office area so everything is in one place.

{5} Boost Marketing / Sales for *PillowKisses
My online pillow covers shop, *PillowKisses, has been in business for 8 months and it's been doing so so only.  This year I would like to be aggressive in terms of marketing to improve the sales.  This also means that I will be contacting more bloggers to host raffle giveaway or do a sponsored post for my pillow covers. 
Pillow Kisses & More
Our goals are not set in stone, this is just going to be our guide as to which space should we be prioritizing this year.  It can change later...

So do you have goals in place for this year?  
Or you're kind of whatever you think you need to do, then you'll tackle it first.


  1. Nice goals you have there. I blog at and let me know if I can help in any way with you pillow kisses plans. Happy New Year

    1. thanks miranda! i'm glad you want to help with my *PillowKisses, I will keep you posted♥

  2. Thanks for sharing your goals - I always like reading what others hope to achieve in the coming year. I know you'll cross these off your list, Rea. You are very goal-oriented and organized. XOXO

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment Meredith. Hopefully, I can check these off my list♥


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