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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Do You Polish?

Hello you guys! I've been pinning like crazy on pinterest today!  There so much inspiration out there, you should check out my pinterest boards, if you are not a follower yet.

Here's my question for the day? Do you polish?  Yeah, your shoes? Do you?

I do.  It gives me that clean, uhm well polished look, to be obvious...lol! 

I polished my riding boots last week & it looks so nice & shiny afterwards.  It makes the riding boots more presentable especially that I wear it almost everywhere (church, office, grocery, etc.).  

When I asked The Mr. what he thinks about it.  He thinks otherwise though, he does not like it polished.  He said it gives the shoes more character - kind of rustic & rugged feel & look to it.  
What about you? Do you like it polished or you're in my husband's side on this one?
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