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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Easy & Inexpensive Teacher Gift

You don't have to spend so much money to appreciate your children's teachers.  There are a lot of ways and ideas that you can find everywhere and today I will just give you one.  

I whip up a last minute teacher gift for my kids the night before their last day before christmas break.

The kids and I went to dollar store to pick up our supplies.  We wanted some things that the teacher will definitely use in school and not just for decoration or not something that might go straight to the trash.
So what we have is a small tin bucket, metallic gel marker, pens, markers, pencil crayons & notepads.

I unwrap all the markers & pens from its original packaging then taped & tie them around with a pretty ribbon before putting them to the tin bucket.
For the snowman label, I just cut 1 small circle & 1 big circle black craft paper.  Overlap the small over the big circle a little bit then glue them together.  I used the white ink marker to write the message, the same marker that I used with my DIY Christmas Cones.
Arrange everything in the tin bucket and we have this easy & inexpensive teacher gift!
What do you say?  Do you buy something boxed for your children's teacher or you're like me that tries to make it a little bit personal yet frugal?

ps:  This will be my last post for the week since I will be moving away from blogging & working to spend some much anticipated time with my kids & The Mr.  ☺

Merry Christmas!!  Until then...
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Friday, December 19, 2014

[Fashion Friday] Holiday Outfit

Holiday Outfit

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

[DIY] Hello Kitty Pull String Pinata

My daughter is turning 4 this month and I asked her what theme she wants for her birthday between Frozen and Hello Kitty.  A little bit surprised when she chose Hello Kitty because ....everybody, I mean including her, is so crazy about Frozen this year.

But anyway we are going to have a Hello Kitty 4th Birthday Party for her.  I am excited!

Although I like the idea of it all, buying Hello Kitty party supplies can be pricey overall with a little here and there purchases.

So I decided to try my best effort to diy party needs as much as I can in order to save some money.  So this post is the first of a series of diy Hello Kitty party supplies.

First, I volunteered my sister to help me make a pinata.  Pinata can run from $15 to $30 depending on what kind you like, that is why we chose to make this instead of buying.

Let me show you our DIY Hello Kitty Pull String Pinata.
I know it is not perfect and it's not fancy but we all know this will only last for about 10 minutes ☺.

Here's how to make it = total cost $4
• box of your choice
• Hello Kitty wrapping paper = $3 (walmart)
• pink crepe paper = $1 (dollar store)
• mod podge or some kind of adhesive

First we looked for a box with the shape that we like.  Flip it down, then poke 4 holes on each corner on the bottom of the box because that is where the string to hold it will go.
Cut the long flaps depending on how many strings you want to attach to it.
Cut the wrapping paper according to the size of the bottom of the box.
Also cut the wrapping paper according to the size of the sides of the box leaving a space to place the already cut crepe paper as in the picture below.  Cover everything else with crepe paper.
Punch the flaps so strings can be attached to it and the pinata is done!
It is not perfect and it is not as beautiful as what you can find in stores but we're happy with it because it will only last for about 10 minutes with a total of only $4!

Until then...
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

De-Wrinkling Hacks for Ironing

I came across this graphic from Alight and thought that this is going to benefit my readers so I'm sharing this to you all.

You may think that the science of ironing is pretty straight forward but there's more to that than can make our clothes more pleasant looking.
Courtesy of: Alight
If you are looking for more inspiration on how to get started with organizing your home, click on my Organized Spaces tab above this page.

Here's some of my most popular & most pinned organized spaces.
 organized pots, pans, & lidsv 
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Home Tour

As Christmas Day is getting closer, I am now comfortable with how our home looks like as it is decorated for the season.

Today, I will let you in to my humble home.
But wait, my three-year old daughter wants to welcome you guys too.
By our storm door is this Blue & White Christmas Wreath that I diy'ed not too long ago.  If you missed my tutorial how to make it, you can see it here.
As you get inside my foyer, you will see my Gold Dipped Striped Table that was featured on ApartmentTherapy, still feels surreal just to even mention it on this post.  I wrapped the table with a brown cloth to hide design and keep it clean for the nativity.
I bought my nativity set at Hobby Lobby last year, it was originally $199.99 but was 90% off so I only got it for $19.99.  It is very beautiful.
On our main door knob is this santa's hat door hanger with 4 bells attached to it.
Then here's our blue & metallics Christmas tree that I kind of match with our Christmas Wreath.
I love how my diy star christmas tree topper looks up there.  You should check out how fast and easy I made that here.

Most of my ornaments I bought from Hobby Lobby's 90% off end of season sale last year. It was really a good deal!
Some of our ornaments here are those that our kids made from their school and I want to keep it like that because it brings back the memories of those years.
By the stairs looking down, our Christmas tree does look like it has a different topper.  That's the 3D Christmas Star that I made 2 years ago.  Yep! Still loving it!
Since we don't have a fireplace to decorate a mantle with, we just use this glass table console to act as our mantle.

This is where we hang our stockings and place the four DIY White Marker Christmas Cones and our Advent Calendar for this year.
You should see how I made both of those because it is super fun and super easy! You may not want to make it this year but maybe next year.
Bought four little drummer boys at the dollar store and in the middle of it is a clear vase where I filled with gold star ornaments & gold pine cones.
Then finally under the table is this oversized bowl filled with christmas ornaments that I already owned from previous years.
Let me end this post by saying...

I am very blessed to have a privilege to share my hardwork and my inner artistry in me.  Though our home may not comparable to what you see in house beautiful or from other blogs but what's more important for me is that every day I am inspired by them and I want to inspire somebody else as well.  What makes our home ours is what we do with it.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Until then...
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