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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our Advent Calendar 2013

When you are a child, it seems like Christmas is taking forever for it come.  Really....

Do you have a counter as to how many times your child ask you this question?
"Is it Christmas yet?"

I don't.  But my kids asked me this same question 7,654 times already!  lol!

So with the help of Advent calendar...

      It helps them understand the essence of Christmas Day

It helps them develop the value of patience

It allows them to look forward to the gift of tomorrow

And it gives them the chance to enjoy the journey along the way.

After all, that's what's Christmas is for.

There are advent calendar that you can purchase & there are easy diy's.  

For me, it doesn't matter however you have it or what it looks like, as long as you & your kid's are having fun with it!  

Ours was a diy.
When you have a bunch of fabric leftover that can make 25 squares.
When you have scrap paper & printer that can make numbers 1 to 25.
When you can write messages to put inside the pouches.
(ours: smile, hugs, always tell the truth, kisses, etc.)
When you have candies or chocolates to fill 25 pouches.
When you have twine or ribbon that can tie 25 pouches.
When you have 25 safety pins.
And when you have a cooling rack to hold all these pouches together
Then you can definitely have an advent calendar.

My kids are now looking forward on to opening 1 pouch right before they go to bed & see what's the message inside & what's in store for them!  Last night was hugs & so we all hug!

How about you?  Did you make one or bought one?  I hope you are enjoying this holiday season♥  What is your favorite part, is it the journey or the day itself?


  1. Your Advent calender looks amazing. This is such a good idea when you have children in the household!

    1. thanks zalika! it definitely is helping my kids understand the idea of waiting for the Christmas Day♥

  2. We haven't had an advent calendar in a couple of years. Yours looks great! =0)

    1. thanks Kim, the main thing of our advent calendar is that my kids are definitely getting the idea of waiting♥


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