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Thursday, December 12, 2013

{DIY} Christmas Headband for my little girl♥

Hello, hello! Christmas is so fast approaching! I don't think I'm ready yet
I'm sure it's not just me, looks like the days are not enough to get these things done!!

I've shared the {DIY} Christmas Truck Shirt for my son early this week, that he finally wore to their Christmas Program last night.  Will share photos of that later.

But let's go back to this post's title : {DIY} Christmas Headband for my little girl♥
christmas headband for little girls
There is always something more pretty out there that can be purchased but it just makes me super giddy inside to see how the little things I do look on my kids.  It makes it more personal♥

Sometimes, when I work on kidstuff projects, it always makes me wonder if it will ever work out but most often than not - it does.

Keep reading if your want to find out how SUPER HARD it is to make this super cute headband. {insert sarcasm☺}

A leftover fabric & a headband.
Making the fabric flower

Cut the fabric to the size of the flower you want.  Mine was 20x4 inches.  Fold it lengthwise.
Stitch the opening from end to end while pulling the thread to kind of curl the fabric looking like the photo below.
Used my glue gun to adhere the fabric to square felt by starting from the outside working your way towards the inside, until all of your fabric is adhered.  I learned this technique from Mom4Real, super thanks to you!
Technically, the fabric flower is already done but you can put a centerpiece on your flower like I did here.
In terms of covering the headband with the fabric.  I just sew a folded lengthwise with an inch in size (like the photo below) just enough to insert the headband in.
Then the headband was inserted to this fabric at the same time twisting the fabric to make it tight.  A dot of hot glue was placed on both ends to adhere the fabric to the headband.

Finally, adhered my fabric flower to the headband using the hot glue with a fabric lining the inside, sandwiching the headband.  

And I have this super cute Christmas Headband!
The fun part is always the photoshoot♥
christmas headband for little girls
I hope you had fun reading this post♥
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  1. It's just as cute as can be and so is the model. :)

    1. thank you so much rosey! i'm glad to see you here...☺

      the blogland has been very quite - holiday spirit i guess..huggies♥


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