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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Out of Respect to the Devastated People of the Philippines

Some of you may not know that I am a native from the Philippines and it is very heartbreaking for me to see what has happened and is still happening back there.

I sincerely appreciate the concerns of the people that asked and their sincerity.  Thank you.
After the typhoon “haiyan” these are the things that I don’t want to see or read on any social media.

Your Selfie Photo
Okay, I get it that you are pretty or good-looking but posting a selfie in this challenging moment, really?

There are a lot of people that are still missing in the Philippines whose family does not even know if that person is alive or not, and here you are posting a selfie.  So selfish.

Your Meal Photo
Do you ever read the news or at least read the feeds on your facebook?  How could you be so unaware of what is happening around you? 

There are thousands, if not hundreds, of people that have not eaten for a day or two or haven’t drink water because help has not arrived to where they’re at.
You may think, these people may not see this, but do you ever think that they have a family that has access to social media.

Your New Gadget Has Arrived
Okay, yay! You are happy that your new ipad has arrived.  But c'mon, there are people out there somewhere needing food and water.  The last thing we want to see is somebody pointing out the obvious that he is blessed because he was able to afford a new ipad.

Your Rant (about how slow the help process is)
You think your rant about how bad or inefficient the government of the Philippines for not sending food and water as fast as they can, is helping speed up the whole process?

Don’t be too na├»ve that Philippines is not just a plain one island, it’s composed of thousands of islands.  To get things or people to help to where it should be, will take time.

Philippines is a Strong Nation because it survived the Strongest Typhoon
Really, what were you thinking?  Don’t bank on this calamity and be too proud to claim that Philippines is a strong nation.  No country is strong enough for Mother Nature.

And I want to end this post by saying:
Before you say or write or post something, please be sensitive or be thoughtful.

Prayers will be appreciated for those who have lost their loved ones, for those that are still missing, for those that are still looking, and for those who passed away.

Forgive my honesty on this post, I just feel the need to share this emotion.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Hello! I know what you mean. I'm from the Philippines too and seeing stuff like that on my newsfeed annoys me as well.

    I'm hoping and praying our countrymen will get all the help they need.

    1. glad to meet a fellow Filipino here Perky...

      Thank you for the prayers...we all need that...most especially the people that was devastated by this challenging act of mother nature...


  2. Rea, I'm sorry that I haven't reached out to you sooner. :( I have remembered your country in my daily prayers. This is very, very devastating. Sadly, I think the world has become callous to great loss because it's happening so much more frequently. Yes, our focus should be on the victims and the survivors of your wonderful nation. Please keep us posted on how your family and friends are doing. I'll be sending continued prayers. XOXO

    1. Thank you Meredith for remembering my country in your prayers. It is truly devastating and heartbreaking. I respect that life must go on but I also respect the people who needs to grieve in this challenging moment in their lives.

  3. Oh, Rea. I must admit, I haven't tweeted about it, posted about it or anything. I pinned a couple of articles for the info to stay updated. But mostly, I've gone about my days as I normally would. That doesn't mean that I haven't been thinking of all the chaos, though. I promise you that my thoughts & prayers have been with all those affected by the devastation and continue to be.
    I have a friend in the Philippines, but I know she and her family are all right. When I first saw about it on the news, I remember thinking that 1200 was a lot for the number of deaths, and now I hear that the number has risen to well over 2200. It's so sad. Natural disasters like this are never easy to endure. Thousands dead, thousands missing, thousands hungry...
    Your post today made me realize that I shouldn't keep quiet throughout all of this! Why haven't I been tweeting my support? Why have I been quiet about it?
    This Friday marks the one week mark since the typhoon hit. I will be silencing my tweets for anything other than raising awareness on the events and for relief efforts. Join me, Rea. We can do it together.
    Thank you for this post. You inspire me.

    1. Don't worry kim, I am already glad you took your time to read this and to write this comment (one of the longest i've had) shows your sincere concern about the whole thing....
      I'm glad your friend's family are okay...
      There are a lot of people who are still looking, are still missing and passed away with this disaster and we can all say prayers for them.
      As a blogger, we have more access to the social media and with that I definitely support you in raising awareness and relief efforts to the bigger mass...

      thank you for your support kim...huggies♥

  4. We are praying for not only the people in the Phillipens but also the relief and recovery people. I wish I could go help rebuild.

    1. Thank you so much for all your prayers loree and for taking your time to read this post...
      God Bless..♥

  5. Hi Rea,
    When I saw the news about the Philippines, the first thing I thought of was Karina. Not me. I used to work for a company many years ago that had different divisions and offices worldwide. There was a young lady in the Philippines with my same name and I used to get her emails all the time. We would exchange emails periodically, until I was laid off. Knowing her personified this disaster. I have been through some tough storms, but I cannot imagine a storm of this caliber. Sometimes people deal with things in different manners. Please know that your "ranting" is necessary for you. Sometimes people don't realize that what they do may be insensitive to others. I pray for all those going through this and that they may be strong.


    1. Thank you so much Karina, I agree with you that people deal with things in different manner and sometimes they do something insensitive to others and I totally respect that aspect on being humans...
      Thank you for your prayers and may you be blessed even more...huggies♥

  6. Rea,

    I'm so sorry for your country right now. It is very sad what happened and is happening. My prayers go out to you and the people of the Philippines. I totally agree with your post and think that it needed to be said.

    God bless,

    1. Thank you for your prayers and for the support madalyn...I greatly appreciate it...
      God Bless you even more..huggies♥


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