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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

{Kitchen Organizing} Under the Kitchen Sink Cabinet

Although organizing just makes me happy, it is also a constant process.

Even if I have to constantly redo over and over.  No BIG deal - whatever I think works for us(my family), I reorganize the space again because home for4 sweet home is not just for me - it is for us.  

And that we need to come up with something that we all can maintain the orderliness of it.

I talked about a my kitchen organizing flow that I am following but when it came to the under the kitchen sink cabinet, I needed more inspiration.  

That's why I had the 4 Pretty Organized Under the Kitchen Sink Cabinets as my inspiration.  And I want to thank all these awesome bloggers for the inspiration.

So thrilled to share my pretty organized under the kitchen sink cabinet.
Although not all of you may think that this is a pretty organized space, let's take a look at the first time I organized this last year or how it looks before.
Always start with a clean slate by removing everything from the cabinet.

I covered the bottom of the cabinet with the same shelf liner that I used in the utensil drawer & the wine storage cabinet.  I even covered the rusty part of the hoses in the back with a washi tape.
One of my goals is to make the fire extinguishers accessible enough in case we need it.  So I placed those on top of the stacking shelf, thanks Carmel of Our Fifth House for the idea of using a stacking shelf.
On the left dishpan, all of our cleaning supplies are in easy access.
And on the right side dishpan are the super absorbent cloths, cleaning brush & cleaning sponges.  Thanks Bowl Full of Lemons for inspiring me to use two white containers on each side to make it look even.

Then I attached two plastic baskets on each side of the cabinet using command hooks to mount.  Thanks Cassie of Hi Sugarplum on this idea.  It holds some dishwashing sponges & scrubbers. 
Overall I am satisfied with it and since I believe that organizing does not have to be expensive.  Actually, I spent nothing on this one because I already have the things that I used to organize this space.

See what a small area of organizing can do...
So trust me when I say it does not matter how small the area you're organizing - it will make a difference, it does!  It really does!
kitchen organizing
Because little organizing makes big organizing happen.  

If you want to see more organizing ideas, click the organized spaces tab above.

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  1. I wish my kitchen sink is as organize as yours! lol

    1. i'm sure it will be or is already is anne♥

  2. By now, your whole house must be in order! Another great organizational project.

    1. oh not even close amy ♥ it is a constant process, especially with two little ones..

      thanks for stopping by, huggies♥

  3. Hi Rea!
    You are so right, organizing is a never end task. Your sink cabinet is looking good, you just inspired me to try to organize all my products as well. If I do, I will send you a picture :)
    Have a lovely week.
    Elba / livecolorful

    1. awesome! i cannot wait for that picture elba! happy organizing!♥

  4. Nice tips, especially the one about the fire extinguisher.

  5. Very cute ideas! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays :D Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party

    1. thank you for the invite, will be checking your party out♥


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