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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Featured Home: Life & Home at 2102

My featured home this time is a little bit personal.  While I was blog hopping, I noticed her space featured and immediately check out her blog called Life & Home at 2102.  

Upon browsing  Vel's blog, where did I immediately go? House Tour my friend! And I told myself it would be really nice to crash her beautiful house and tour it in person!

I also found out that she is also originally from the Philippines.  

I pm her and while we were exchanging emails, we later found out that we both came from the same hometown and our fathers are also close friends! 
Isn't it awesome!

And so when she said "yes" for me to feature her home! I was so ecstatic! ♥

Okay, nuff said... why don't we do the virtual tour my friends..
Magazine ready? Yeah, I know.  One of my favorite color combination is yellow & gray and look at how she did that beautifully in her living room.
Her eclectic design taste really shows off in her entry way.
My favorite part of her house is this to-die-for modern contemporary kitchen which she's mentioned was inspired by Candace Olson Designs.  
She even has a kitchen office that makes me think paying bills will be a breeze if the space looks like this.
Oh you need to powder your nose? Okay, let's go to Vel's powder room.
Noticed something familiar here? Yeah, we used the same wallpaper, mine is in the dining room

Let's not forget about how serene her master bedroom is.  

And look at that bay♥ With striped draperies.  How elegant and classic this room is.
Feeling hungry? Let's move onto her dining room that she said is still work in progress, seriously?  I love how it looks now already.  

But since I believe of "a change that is better is always a change for the better".  Then she should definitely go for a change!
Don't you want to be a guest in her home just by looking at her guest bedroom?
Let's take a tour at her outdoor space.  
Makes you want to read a book and watch your kids swimming in the pool right?
I hope you had fun with the awesomeness of Vel's home as much as I did.
What do you love about this house? 

Here's Vel, the beauty behind this beautiful home.
My Photo
You can see more of this house at Life & Home at 2102.  Don't forget to mention that I sent you that way...

Thank you so much Vel for allowing me to feature your beautiful home over here


  1. OMG! Thank you so much for this honor Rea! Will be sharing this link on my blog!!!!

    1. you are welcome Vel - I'm so thrilled to have your home featured here♥
      thanks for letting me do that!

  2. Oh WOW! It's really a small world, isn't it? That's so awesome that you two are even from the same hometown, and your fathers are friends!!! Crazy cool! Even more awesome that you have the same wallpaper (great minds think alike). =0)

    I absolutely LOVE her ktichen. Her home is one that seriously looks like it's straight out of a magazine! Thanks for sharing. I had fun on the virtual tour.

    1. i actually had goosebumps when i finally figure everything out and what a small world indeed kim!
      definitely magazine-ready! calling bhg, houzz, housebeautiful scouts!!!

      hey thanks for stopping by kim♥

  3. How nice that she let you tour, and it's beautiful!

    1. house tour always makes me feel happy♥ this one especially Rosey!

  4. That is absolutely stunning. I want her house! It really does look like it came from a magazine. It is so clean and the colors are perfect. From the floor to the ceiling...I am in awe! This is beautiful Rea...thanks for sharing. I do not know if I love the kitchen or the outdoor space more. :)

    1. hahah! sure! you can have her house amy! jk!
      hey thanks for stopping by♥

  5. Hi Rea!How nice that she let you tour, and it's beautiful!

  6. Vel's home is gorgeous, thanks so much for the tour!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design


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