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Sunday, October 20, 2013

{Kitchen Organizing} Deep Drawers

Hey y'all! I hope everybody in your household are doing great and are feeling healthy.

It's been tough around here at home for4 sweet home, we've been sick for the last couple of weeks.  Too sick to be even in the computer let alone to do some organizing.

But after all the bobo went away - it was time to do some more organizing!

The last space that I organized was our utensil drawer and it was almost a month ago! 

And following my kitchen organizing flow list that you can see below.  
* from the top left cupboard  - click here, if you've missed it
* down to the bottom drawers - utensil drawer
* continue towards the right with the next top cupboard
* down to the bottom drawers again - until all are done
* refrigerator
* pantry cabinet
* kitchen island.

Let me share two deep drawers that I organized.
But don't you want to see what it used to look like? Okay here...
These two deep drawers are below the utensil drawer that looks so fine after it was organized.
I emptied both drawers and the first deep drawer contains the baking supplies, rolled placemats, chopsticks, grill cleaners, chopper & coasters.

The baking supplies are corraled in a $1 plastic shoe box from dollar store.
Rolled placemats really saved a lot of space instead of just folding it.
And I just lay the placemats that we use daily on top of it.  I think it's so cool because these placemats act like a top cover of it all.  When you open the drawer it does not look as cluttered.
On to the second deep drawer which contained the trash bags and a bag full of warranties and manuals.
What I did with the manuals & warranties is that  purged a lot of it then moved the rest of it into a folder with clear sheet pages.
Which looked a lot better instead of just putting it in a bag.
And then I corraled the trash bags in boxes that were wrapped with a polka dot shelf liner.
Ah, so much better! 

See what a small area of organizing can do...
So trust me when I say it does not matter how small the area you're organizing - it will make a difference, it does!  It really does!

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  1. This is something I usually do with spring cleaning, but I didn't get to it last spring. My kitchen drawers could REALLY use some organization - especially the utensil drawers (yep, more than one here). =0)

    1. haha, go for it kim! start small then go big!

  2. Wow. What a difference. I love how organized all your papers are now. That's a brilliant idea.

    Sorry to hear you've been sick!

    1. thanks amy :) had to take of family first..

  3. Can you come over to my house and organize mine too? Lol

  4. Everything looks great and I like the polka dotted paper for liner!

  5. Wow this makes me want to get off my big butt and get to organizing!!! Great post! Very useful tips and information! :)))

    1. go for it girl! you can start small at a time and you will be surprised how those small organized spaces can turn into one big organized home♥


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