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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Repurpose: Starbucks Bottles to Bud Vases

***Update: This project got featured at Adventure into Domestic Land.***
Okay, I am a coffee drinker...average...

We brew our coffee in the morning to take it to work.  Just once a day unless I need a boost in the mid-afternoon.

Lately, I have been drinking cold coffee which we bought in bulk because it's a lot cheaper than actually getting it from Starbucks every morning.

And those bottles are so pretty that I could not resist to keep it & repurpose it.  I've seen a lot of inspiration in the www but the best that I like is to turn it into a bud vase.

So that's what I did with some of it, until I come up more different ways of repurposing it.

The bottles before I did anything to it.
Removing the label was pretty easy.  I just soaked it in hot water with dishwashing soap for 15 minutes and it came off easily.  

But in terms of the adhesives from the label, I'd have to use a small knife to kind of scrub it off from the bottle with dishwashing liquid, more time spent on this one.  When the adhesive was taken off, the bottles were smooth all around.

Washed the bottles & let it dry.

Once it was dry, I spray painted it white - two coats.  

That was it! And I have these two little beautiful bud vases! 
and a sneak peak to my main entry table fall decoration....
Yes, those golden cosmos are from my garden.  

Here's some of my inspiration on this project.
Come back to see my main entry table fall decoration♥

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  1. Those look so modern and nice. Cool idea!

    AmeriAus Blog

  2. Lovely little post you got here. I featured in on my Friday's Fave!

    1. how awesome! on my way to your blog right now! :)

  3. Oh that is so pretty. What a beautiful and frugal way to display flowers.

    1. i am always frugal amy :) thank you for stopping by...


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