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Friday, September 20, 2013

{Kitchen Organizing} For Dinner Plates, Side Plates, Bowls, Drinking Glasses & Cups

Remember my organizing journey to start small go big which I started with organized food packaging.  My focus continued on our kitchen.  

My plan of organizing the kitchen is to follow this flow:
* from the top left cupboard 
* down to the bottom drawers
* continue towards the right with the next top cupboard
* down to the bottom drawers again - until all are done
* refrigerator
* pantry cabinet
* kitchen island.

Looks like a lot to do there, but in my mind the thing that keeps me motivated is that each of those areas are small & totally doable.  

This list will help me keep where to go next.

So are you ready to see the first cupboard that I organized?
The very first top left cupboard.
This contains the first aid box, medicines & some plastic bowls.
Not really messy huh?  But my love passion for organizing makes me want to organize it some more, make it pretty organized to be specific

So I started with a clean slate by removing everything from this cabinet.
I cannot imagine that this cabinet holds this much of stuff.
Then I removed the shelves..
so I can line the back of it with a pretty wrapping paper..oh yeah! 
(double sided tape you're awesome!)
Does that not look pretty to you? woot!woot! let's do the happy dance! kumbaya!

Putting the shelves back was a piece of cake, then I also lined the bottom of the shelves with a rubbery shelf liner.
I did not necessarily put back what was inside this cabinet before.  I've decided that one of the smaller kitchen cabinet will be a designated medicine cabinet.

So I decided that since this is the closest cabinet to the dining area, the dinner plates, side plates, bowls & drinking glasses will be on the right side of it then the left side is going to be the coffee station.
I used a stacking shelf for the dinner plates to maximize the vertical space.
Oh yes, we do have plastic bowls & cups! What parent of two little kiddos who does not?!  But this much, that's very questionable.  I guess I am a hoarder or The Mr. somebody in our home is.

So right above it is designated to the kiddos bowls & cups.
And on top of this shelf are our wine glasses & drinking glasses.
The left side of this cabinet is our coffee supplies station,  large bowls, spare dishes & spare drinking glasses.
I lined that white basket with a polka dot liner.

Although you may not see it, but it makes me happy when I take it out and refill it with instant coffee, ginger juice & tea.
And what's not to be happy about looking at this before & after photo♥
You just don't know how I love to open this cabinet now.

See what a small area of organizing can do...

So trust me when I say it does not matter how small the area you're organizing - it will make a difference, it does!  It really does!
Till then.

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  1. I love the transformation of the cabinet. I love the wallpaper idea. I don't have cabinets in my kitchen even though I'd love to have them.

    1. i'm glad you love it crystal, you can use the wrapping paper idea on any cabinets-under the sink, closet, etc...
      thanks for stopping by!

  2. Looks great!! I love the impact color and pattern makes to the back of shelves! Thanks for sharing!


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