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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Update: Home Command Center

What an emotional week I had last week because my son started his kindergarten friday.

The not so good news about my week too was that I am not yet done with the command center that I was working on to be ready before his first day of school started.  I almost had an anxiety attack because of!

But while I was looking at what has been done so made me calm down.

The good news about it is that the most important element of the command center that I thought I needed before school starts, was in place already.

And that is the calendar with the memo pad.

I just purchased a blank dry erase board.  
And the Mr. helped me create a calendar table using a permanent marker to it.
But let's take a look at those magnetic months that i did...
The letters are different craft stickers that i adhered to a craft paper to make it look fun.

Then I just used a photo laminating sheet to protect the whole thing.
And adhered a magnetic strip at the back using a double sided tape & it looked like this.
And oh la looks so cute & fun & easy to take off & put on the board.
By the time I got done with these and the days label - a glass of wine was not a bad idea at all..
I promise it was just a glass♥ a celebration to all that has been done so far!

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  1. Poor mom, with your baby going odd to school!! At least you're going to be organized! And your command center is way more stylish than mine, lol! Smart to laminate the magnets:)

  2. And you earned that glass of wine. :)

    I like your command center! Congrats on your son starting Kindergarten. :)

  3. Girl, with your baby going off to school, your whole house is going to be completely redone! LOL! The projects ease a mommy's mind, though. Hang in there. Your board is fabulous, as always.


    1. haha i hope i don't have to redo the whole house meredith!

  4. Really love this magnet idea for keeping it organized and fun!

    Fredda from The Magnificent Magnet


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