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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shelf-Lining my Powder Room Shelves

Since we moved to this house last year, the only thing that I did to our powder room shelves downstairs was adding a basket to hold hand towels...really...which has not changed a whole lot after that....

But since I saw this really pretty shelf liner that I found from Marshalls, I thought of using this to our powder room shelves.
Heck that was fast, easy & pretty!
But first let's look at how it used to be before.  
No, that bottom shelf was not empty - I just forgot to take a photo before I removed what was in there.  

So actually, the above picture is the after the "before" but before the "after"!

I only lined the two shelves - the bottom & middle.

The shelf liner that I used was self-adhesive - peel & stick.  That's what made it easy!
Measured the wall down to the shelf floor so I can cut the liner to fit.

Peeled the backing of the liner slowly while adhering it to the area, top to bottom.
yes, that's my favorite nail polish♥ and I have been wearing that all the time!

Okay I just used a ruler to smooth it especially the corner,but you can also use your hands to do that.
Here's how it looked after I placed the liner on the other side.
Then measure & cut to cover the left side.  I did not worry about lining up the design...I just don't know why, I guess I want it to be fast & easy!

But hey! Can you even tell where it is with this photo? Not just in photo, you can hardly tell where is the connection in actual too...
Really...with the floral design of this liner, you can hardly tell that....

After lining the two shelves, I organized & decorate the shelves.  Of course I cannot just leave this already pretty shelves undecorated, right?
Oh yeah, I have somebody that watches anybody that uses our powder room to make sure that they wash their hands before they leave that room♥

And even if he's just a little guy, he really does his job! 
This is it for now...I am not yet ready to reveal the powder room itself yet.

Maybe one of these days....

Have you tried using a shelf liner to line anything?  I personally think they're pretty workable, movable & temporary than wallpaper.



  1. I've not used them, but now I want to! It looks fabulous!

    1. thanks amy♥
      the one thing that i like most about shelf liner is that if i misalign it, it is so easy to remove and move and adhere it again!

  2. Hi Rea the shelves is pretty whith these wall paper floral !!! Great Job

    1. thank you for your sweet comment angelica♥

  3. This adds a very pretty touch to the room. Well done. I have to admit, though, that my favorite thing is the gnome!! You are hilarious!!


    1. thank you meredith!
      oh my little guy really does his job! haha


  4. I love the difference that just shelf paper can make, very nice!!

    1. thank you rosey, i have been obsessed shelf lining almost anything in our home will soon see it in my future posts!


  5. very pretty!! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo


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