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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


When I shared how our vegetable garden was doing a little over a month ago, it was really doing great!

And now after almost three months, it has really come a long way.
And we have harvested a lot from it already...

Mostly tomatoes...they're like minions haha....they're small but they're large in number...
I am just so happy that my mom & dad are reaping the fruits of their labor!
And we eat fresh vegetables every now then because of them.

Thank you Mama & Papa and thank God for the rain & sun♥

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  1. is favolous!! Rea you have vegetable garden?? gouuu

  2. How lovely to have fresh veggies from your own garden! Enjoy them, Rea!

    1. fresh veggies from the garden is super Cristina! glad you stopped by!


  3. I don't remember what those little tomatoes are called, but ihave some & they're doing great here too! Ivebeen canning salsa & pasta sauce like crazy! I have had to use several cages to hold each plant up. Craziness!!! I hear we'll have an extended harvest this year, so with lots of water you and I could still have garden tomatoes through September :)

    1. that is good news that we are having an extend harvest amy!! yay!


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