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Friday, August 30, 2013

Garage Organization Ideas

Garage can be an easy target to store anything & everything.

Although my garage is not bad as it is right now but it is not awesome!  So I could definitely use some inspiring photos to make it better in the future.

I found these inspiring photos from the www.

Pegboard - is the awesomeness in this photo.  It holds almost anything and maximizes the vertical space.  I also like how the pegboard are painted in two different colors but yet looks clean and organized.
A Garage to Love
I like how these items are not on the floor - again, maximizes the use of vertical space.
a garage to love
One of my favorite blogger Courtney's garage is just so pretty.  Well decorated with curtains that it actually looks like an extension of her home.  And I like how she has the shoe cubbies on each side of the door for frequently used shoes.
a garage to love
And why not put a cubby with a bench to sit while putting on or taking off our shoes, right?
a garage to love
I like how the container store drawers were used here because you can easily see what is inside it.
a garage to love
And let's not forget to hang those bicycles up and oh yeah I would definitely want some couch in there too♥
I love how these photos just inspire me to never stop organizing♥
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  1. Unfortunately, I don't have a garage to organize, but my laundry room could use some of these ideas.
    I'm a new follower via the hop on bloglovin.

    1. glad you're inspired to use this for your laundry room...peg boards are just very versatile!

      thanks for the follow♥

  2. Rea , i love those inspiration, I have to orden in my garage


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