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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ceiling Tile as Memo Board

No, it is not my original idea and no - I am not a genius.☺

One of my co-workers have a memo board in her office and she was the one who told me that ceiling tile can be used as a memo board.  Yes, you've read it right - ceiling tile.

The regular 2 feet x 2 feet ceiling tile that I purchased is only $2.29 compared to a corkboard of the same size that would probably cost around $5.  Not a big difference but the thought of trying a different material as a backing of a memo board makes me feel like a!  

When people say "oh how nice is that memoboard" I will then say, "oh that's a ceiling tile at the back of it" cool is that! me using a ceiling tile?!hahah

It is actually an addition to the many alternatives that we have out there to be used as a backing to a memo board.

But here's the ceiling tile that I have purchased.
And here it is after I wrapped it with a left-over fabric from my table cloth to curtain project.
This is part of a project that I am working on --->

Will keep you posted!

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