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Friday, August 30, 2013

Garage Organization Ideas

Garage can be an easy target to store anything & everything.

Although my garage is not bad as it is right now but it is not awesome!  So I could definitely use some inspiring photos to make it better in the future.

I found these inspiring photos from the www.

Pegboard - is the awesomeness in this photo.  It holds almost anything and maximizes the vertical space.  I also like how the pegboard are painted in two different colors but yet looks clean and organized.
A Garage to Love
I like how these items are not on the floor - again, maximizes the use of vertical space.
a garage to love
One of my favorite blogger Courtney's garage is just so pretty.  Well decorated with curtains that it actually looks like an extension of her home.  And I like how she has the shoe cubbies on each side of the door for frequently used shoes.
a garage to love
And why not put a cubby with a bench to sit while putting on or taking off our shoes, right?
a garage to love
I like how the container store drawers were used here because you can easily see what is inside it.
a garage to love
And let's not forget to hang those bicycles up and oh yeah I would definitely want some couch in there too♥
I love how these photos just inspire me to never stop organizing♥
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What Happens When a Toddler Is Using a Crayon?

This L
Why oh why? I just did this early this year....

I was not mad at all, I am just disappointed that my wallpapered accent dining wall did not even last for a year...
I'm pretty sure that I will be redoing this wall - maybe wallpaper again but like this...
nice wallpaper
or this..
random things i like, home for4 sweet home
Or maybe stencil the wall....
Or maybe don't worry about it because the location of these crayon markings are on my daughter's height level so I could definitely use some buffet to cover it up...♥

maybe like this..
random things i like, home for4 sweet home
or this...

Monday, August 26, 2013

Reveal: Home Command Center

I am so happy that our home command center has finally been put into place.

It has been busy since my son started kindergarten, and this home command center has been taking up the challenge so far.

Here's our home command center!
Just click on the links below if you want to read about the deets of:
calendar with magnetic months
ceiling tile as memo board
dressed up bookshelf
inspirational wall art
the area where I chose for our command center is set up

Let me also share some more details that I have on our home command center.

There is an incoming mail tray on top of the bookshelf.  It is a regular plastic tray that I shelf-lined to match everything else.
Some push pins and tiny message holder for special messages♥
Individual baskets for my kindergartner's daily school papers & homeworks, bills to be paid and supplies basket (envelopes, notepads, pens, scissors, etc).
A shred basket.
Right at the very bottom of it, is the shredder which I tucked the cord away from sight.
Then I attached a hook to hold the shredder plug while not in use at the back right side corner of the bookshelf.
Yes, I put a plastic bag inside the shredder before shredding anything for easier disposal♥

Then there is another hook that holds my kindergartner's backpack with his lunch bag on top of a filing away box below it.
And these two canvas bins right beside the shredder hold some flashlight and gadget chargers.  
Let me organize that first and then I will show you that on a separate post.

Yay! Finally♥
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Inspirational Wall Art {Printable}


These inspirational wall arts are some of my living principle and I have incorporated it in our home command center.  
Hoping that by seeing and eventually reading, my kids will also live with this same principle.

And I'm so thrilled to share these inspirational messages as printables.  

Please go ahead and use it if you want.  
These are all in 8x10 in sizes, you may want to enlarge it or reduced it however you may please.

They are very simple but if you bordered or backed it with the print and pattern of your choice, it will definitely shine!

Have fun♥

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