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Monday, July 8, 2013

Random Things I Like

my, oh, my....i ♥ this Saint Laurent striped ankle-strap high-heel sandal...

table and planter duo..really nice...
Make Furnishings Work Twice as Hard
i want this dress♥ 


  1. Hot shoes!! I'd love to run after my children in those. ;) I'm back from a brief blogging hiatus. Can you tell me if my post from today showed up in your blogroll reading list? I want to make sure the whole Bloglovin' thing didn't screw things up. :( I'd appreciate it!!


    1. i know meredith!! really love that shoes!! and i think they're perfect for running around after our children lol

      i left you a comment on your new post in your blog, i was actually wondering where were you..quit blogging without even saying goodbye :( glad to have you back♥

      okay your post did not show in my blogroll..when i searched your blog name, it looks like you have two blogs of the same name in bloglovin...(see my email)



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